March 7, 2014

Statement by Morality in Media President, Patrick Trueman on Bishop Loverde’s Pastoral Letter

Arlington Virginia Catholic Bishop Paul S. Loverde’s pastoral letter, “Bought With a Price,” forthrightly addresses the great harms of pornography.  The bishop has produced a seminal work on the devastating influence of pornography on our nation’s culture and on the spiritual lives of the people. It is sure to have great influence on the Catholic Church in America, to touch and improve the lives of countless Catholics.

Through this letter, Bishop Loverde has done a particularly good service to all fighting the scourge of pornography by specifically addressing the false arguments in favor of pornography. With his keen understanding as a pastor, Bishop Loverde provides a pathway out of the harms of pornography. He understands that good habits begin at home, taught with love and conviction. Bishop Louverde has given us the lessons and language needed to shield our families.

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