March 20, 2014

Statement by Morality in Media’s Executive Director, Dawn Hawkins, on Belle Knox

“I just want to put my arms around her and assure her that she is loved and does not have to suffer the abuse and degradation inflicted upon her by the porn syndicates,” said Morality in Media Executive Director Dawn Hawkins, after viewing video of porn star Belle Knox crying uncontrollably following a porn video shoot.

Hawkins said Knox is worth so more than what she earns from selling her body to the exploiters in pornography. She will end up damaged and kicked to the curb like all in pornography. “There isn’t a porn star in the world that doesn’t get sexually transmitted diseases, often sterilization, and nearly all, including Belle, suffer physical violence at the hands of men during filming,” Hawkins said.

She added,“I want to tell Belle that we love her and encourage her on to a better path for her life, one that will have a real future free from violence and exploitation.”

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