April 2, 2014

Summit on Ending Sexual Exploitation to Be Held in Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Advocacy groups and opinion leaders will gather for the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit in the Washington, DC area on May 16-17, hosted by Morality in Media. The summit will bring together groups from all facets of this universal movement—from feminists to faith-based groups—who recognize and understand the varied harms of pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation.

Featured speakers include experts Dr. Donald L. Hilton, acclaimed neurosurgeon and researcher on the addictive nature of pornography; Dr. Mary Anne Layden, the director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the University of Pennsylvania; and former porn film producer Donny Pauling, among many others.

The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation is proud to bring the 2014 Summit to organizations, concerned citizens, community leaders, and activists dedicated to opposing sexual exploitation. The summit will offer issue and organizational trainings to highlight the public health concern of pornography use.

“This conference will be the most important educational and empowering event in the battle against pornography and exploitation,” said Dawn Hawkins, conference organizer and Executive Director of Morality in Media.  “It will provide new anti-exploitation leaders critical information to sustain their efforts and build a united movement around the nation.”

Leaders will be trained in the latest research and strategies with the opportunity to network with others from around the world and help to develop strategies to end sexual exploitation. These organizations will be strengthened through expert training in media, fundraising, digital strategies and public speaking.

Registration and event information can be found at the Summit website.

The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation is focused on uniting the efforts of organizations and leaders across the nation to solve and end the complex social issue of sexual exploitation and its associated companion—pornography.

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