January 20, 2011

Urge NBC Leadership to Stop Production of “The Playboy Club”

This fall, NBC plans to air its new series, “The Playboy Club.” NBC is now contributing to and encouraging a highly dangerous sexualized culture as they stoop further into the gutter for programming and profits.

Throughout its history, Playboy has had an impact on society – encouraging the objectification of women and marketing their pornography with language that implies coercion and violence against women. The dominance of pornography in American society, begun by Playboy, has led to great harms, including child sexual exploitation, greater demand for sex trafficking, addiction and destroyed marriages. NBC’s decision to air “The Playboy Club” will only encourage greater acceptance of pornography AND THE SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF GIRLS AND WOMEN.

Fill out the form below to urge the Executive Leadership team of NBC Universal and the Comcast Board of Directors to halt the production and airing of “The Playboy Club.”

VISIT www.CloseTheClubOnNBC.com to learn more!

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