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Lina Nealon Instagram continues to improve the safety of its youngest users. Here are several changes they’re making to enhance teen safety.
Nazeefa Hossain Netflix used to be rated for 4+, even though their shows display graphic sex acts, nudity, and sexual assault.
Allison Bliss Since 2013, we have asked Google to cease enabling and normalizing sexploitation in their ads—and finally they've updated their policy.
Lina Nealon How the 2020 Dirty Dozen List disrupted the porn industry’s infrastructure and reduced the risk for kids online.
Dawn Hawkins Amazon Prime Video made major improvements for safety, but they still have remaining safety measures to take.
Lina Nealon In January 2021, TikTok announced several enhanced privacy and safety settings for minors, making it more difficult for children to be groomed, sexually exploited, or abused on its platform.
National Center on Sexual Exploitation Despite the onset of a global pandemic grinding much of the world to a halt, our momentum absolutely surged. Here's what we accomplished.
National Center on Sexual Exploitation Pornhub is crumbling before our eyes—major credit cards break ties, survivors sue to hold them accountable, and 75% of their content deleted.
Dawn Hawkins Pornhub has removed at least 10.6 million abuse videos and counting today—A monumental step forward, but the journey does not end here.
National Center on Sexual Exploitation Leaders from four African nations spoke out to address the harms of pornography in Africa.
Haley McNamara (Halverson) In October 2020, Instagram rolled out significant improvements to address the sexual exploitation and abuse that occur on its platform.
NCOSE African leaders are raising awareness about the harms of pornography in Liberia for the first time.