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The Problem

HBO, a division of Time Warner, is an American premium cable television network that has consistently produced content which normalizes rape myths, sexual violence, and commercial sexual exploitation through with sexually exploitive depictions of sex and sexual violence. This has been displayed over the years through shows like Game of Thrones and The Deuce. The HBO GO home streaming service and app make accessing this exploitive content even easier.

WARNING: There are graphic images and text descriptions shown in these sections.



Victory! The United Nations just established a world day to recognize the need for prevention and healing of child sexual exploitation, violence, and abuse. Help celebrate this new UN World Day by lighting a virtual candle.

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Schools should be one of the safest places a child can be. Unfortunately, they are often where sex traffickers go to groom and exploit their victims. This is where the No Trafficking Zones Act comes in. via @ncose

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The PROTECT Act fills a gaping hole in existing law that allows pornography to be created, uploaded, and distributed online without the consent of persons depicted in the material.

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