The Problem

HBO, a division of Time Warner, is an American premium cable television network that has consistently produced content which normalizes rape myths, sexual violence, and commercial sexual exploitation through with sexually exploitive depictions of sex and sexual violence. This has been displayed over the years through shows like Game of Thrones and The Deuce. The HBO GO home streaming service and app make accessing this exploitive content even easier.

.@HBO stop producing shows that normalize #rapeculture, commercial sexual exploitation, and eroticizing sexual violence with gratuitous nudity. Click To Tweet .@HBO must portray sexual violence in a more responsible manner - so that it is not eroticizing or exploiting this real crime that harms so many in our #MeToo culture. Click To Tweet

Two Key Problems

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CBN News: ‘Dirty Dozen List’ Accuses Businesses and Nevada of Sexual Exploitation

The following article was originally published by CBN News You might be shocked at some of the famous names accused of committing or at least tolerating sexual exploitation in America. Twelve are named by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) in what it calls the Dirty Dozen List. NCOSE announced the list at a […]

Leading Contributors to Sexual Exploitation Revealed: 2019 Dirty Dozen List

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) today launched its 2019 Dirty Dozen List, a list of carefully selected entities that are major, mainstream facilitators of sexual exploitation in the United States. “No corporation should profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation,” said Haley Halverson, Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach at the National Center on […]

NCOSE 2018 Impact Report: The Fall of Online Trafficking Titan Backpage; Walmart Removes Cosmo; Comcast Safer for Kids; And More!

2018 was our most successful year to date, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Whether your support was financial, taking actions through our website, praying for our movement, sharing our social media posts, or simply telling your friend about the issue of sexual exploitation, you helped make 2018 the strongest year for our organization […]

HBO Intentionally Creates Content that Uses Sexual Violence to Entertain

Media—whether in the form of the written word, movies, television, or the visual arts, etc.— is a powerful driver of social norms. Unfortunately, HBO has a long history of using sexual exploitation and violence to entertain. HBO produces enthralling storylines, intermixed with highly sexualized and violent content, which presents the mix of sex and violence as mainstream […]

HBO’s The Deuce Claims Porn and Prostitution are Empowering, Here’s Why That’s Wrong

September 9th the second season of The Deuce premiered despite protests by women’s rights groups like the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. The show chronicles the growth of commercial sexual exploitation with the rise of the pornography and prostitution industry in New York City during the 1970s and ‘80s and is filled with gratuitous nudity […]

The Deuce: Buying and Selling Women's Bodies

Why Did Eric Schneiderman Assault Several Women? The Question No One Asks

Something struck me reading that New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been accused of violent physical and verbal assaults against several women.  He choked and slapped them and made racist comments during sex. (He claimed that is was all sexual play but the women tell a much different story.) It wasn’t just the hypocrisy of Schneiderman […]

Eric Schneiderman

HBO is Normalizing Rape Culture

HBO has a long history of putting gritty, intense stories to the screen. What they don’t realize is that stories that come out of the pornography industry and prostitution are more than gritty and intense. Such stories are evidence of the devastating experiences to which the industry exposes prostituted persons. HBO uses pornography and prostitution […]

Deseret News: This HBO show filmed in Utah will reportedly have a Super Bowl commercial

SALT LAKE CITY — A television series filmed in Utah is expected to have a new trailer during the Super Bowl. With scenes all around the Beehive State, including Canyonlands National Park and much of Moab, the HBO sci-fi drama “Westworld” plans to release its next trailer during the Super Bowl, according to Entertainment Weekly. This is a big deal, […]


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