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The Problem

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Why is Playstation on the Dirty Dozen List?

PlayStation can do much to improve the problem of pornography on their popular console.

Most parents don’t realize that their child might be exposed to pornography through their video gaming console, but that is exactly what is happening all around the world. This new, very popular, console is supplying live and simulated pornography and other obscene content. PlayStation consoles provide access to obscenity via live streaming in “The Playroom” and in several sexually explicit games. “The Playroom” does not play videos pre-recorded by the users, it is actually live streaming. There have been several incidents where many users flashed their genitals, men undressed their wives while drunk, and people having intercourse as thousands of viewers (many children) watched live. In addition, games approved by PlayStation and allowed to be sold in the PlayStation Store, contain sex scenes, rapes, and graphic sexual assaults. Very young children have been so influenced by these scenes that they have been acting them out in imaginary play with their friends and siblings.

Some of the Problems:

  • PlayStation 4 was released on November 15, 2013, selling 4.2 million consoles in 2013. The biggest change between the PS3 and the PS4 is the PlayStation Eye Camera and “The Playroom” where users can interact with each other and show off their gaming skills through two platforms: Twitch and Ustream. Both platforms’ policies prohibit obscenity, and streaming videos unrelated to gaming is not allowed, however, players can still stream uninhibited through Ustream.
  • PlayStation 4 has approved (and continues to allow) hundreds of obscene, pornographic and sexually violent video games to be available for purchase through their PlayStation Store.


Possible Solutions:

  • Get out of the porn business altogether! Stop profiting from the sale of obscene video games.
  • Develop a filtering system to sort pornographic and abusive content from the rest. Instead of bombarding the user with porn in the current automatic opt-in system, have the default setting such that the user must choose to seek out the pornographic materials.

Take Action

Pressure the DOJ to Enforce Obscenity Law

Public Health Harms of Pornography

Download the research summaries of studies on the harm of pornography

Tell DOJ to Investigate SeekingArrangement

Ask the DOJ to investigate SeekingArrangement for facilitating sex trafficking and prostitution.


The Dirty Dozen List has fostered incredible change—from legislation drafted to safety policies and features introduced and more.

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The Ninth Circuit’s order means that the court will consider legal protections for survivors of online sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

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A significant victory that shows the continued trend of mainstream companies distancing themselves from Pornhub.

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