Steam is Still Selling Sexual Assault-Themed “House Party” Game

House Party is described by its creators as “a sexually charged, 3D point-and-click adventure”. In the game, you as the player are at the titular house party where you proceed to choose your own adventure…an adventure that includes getting in fights, groping women, masturbating wherever you please, and coercing women to have sex with you.

The game has over 4,600 overwhelmingly positive reviews, and online players are not shy about the game’s contents in the review section on Steam. Here are what some of them have described the game as:

  • “But here’s the real problem: House Party is ****ing creepy. And not even by the standards of the dreaded ‘SJW’. I am telling you by any reasonable human metric, this game is a creepshow. The creepiness is baked into it at this point. Too many of the plotlines are inherently skeezy, and there is nothing that the full release can do about it, short of removing them.”
  • “It’s porn”
  • “Not gonna lie, I love this game. And I’m pretty sure males only get it for one reason…….I can absolutely guarantee it was the same reason I got it…..”

The game developers themselves say: “ While nobody on our dev team has had it before, we’ve done tons of research online to find out what human sex looks like. Many of the stories in House Party will lead you into steamy encounters with the various partygoers of the night. With an open-crotch policy to telling these stories, we’ve created sexual encounters that speak to many audiences instead of just the boring traditionalists. Lady love, guy love, you’ll find it all here! And none of that cutscene crap either. House Party features fully interactive intimate encounters with changeable positions. Because our thorough research has shown that laying like planks and moaning in each other’s face is only the beginning.”

Apparently to the developers of House Party and also Steam, consensual and safe sex is only for “boring traditionalists”. Instead, this game offers plotlines that include tricking women into thinking you’re one of their close friends in order to have sex with them, playing harmless “pranks” on women that are legally considered sex crimes, and built-in mechanics such as the “grope” feature.

Why is Steam allowing such a gratuitous and downright dangerous game to exist on its platform? Why is Steam condoning and glorifying rape, harassment, and pornographic violence through games like House Party?

Many players would argue this is all completely fine, as the women themselves are not real and it’s “just a game”. But if video games are meant to be escapes from reality and a source of entertainment, why is the idea of escaping into a “fun” fantasy world include this abhorrent treatment of women?

As you may know, we first raised concerns over this game in 2017 but Steam has refused to remove it.

Unless you have parental controls on, which you can read about here, this game and countless others with similar content are readily available with only a few clicks away from the homepage. Steam must be held accountable for not only allowing this game to be on their platform, but for not providing proficient parental controls and safety features to make sure games of this nature are found by especially vulnerable children.

For more action items you can take today and proof on the Steam problem, visit our project page here.

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