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Ready or Not, Porn is Influencing the Way Teens Think About Sex and Intimacy-Natalie McAneney

The Landscape of Technology – Threats and Opportunities – Ron DeHaas

Millennials Connecting for Change- Creed Orme & Rachel Denton

The New Normal: The Threat of Sexual Predation in Dating Relationships- Haley Halverson

10 Proactive Ways to Protect Young Minds from Pornography – Kristen Jenson, Protect Young Minds

A Culture of Accountability: Shaping Behavior with Technology – Ron DeHaas

Kristen Jenson, “Porn-Proof Kids: Using a Little Brain Science to Help Children Reject Porn “

Member Articles

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Why This Guys-Only College House Decided to Ditch Porn All Together

Cover photo credit to The Abbey housemates. Tucked back on a picturesque street in the heart of an East Coast public university campus, a building fondly known as The Abbey houses a unique group of college guys. Depending on the semester, anywhere from 8 to 16 students call this place home. The Abbey was founded…

How I Take a Stand for Healthy Masculinity in My All-Boys High School

Many people contact Fight the New Drug to share their personal stories about how porn has affected their life or the life of a loved one. We consider these personal accounts very valuable because, while the science and research is powerful within its own right, personal accounts from real people seem to really hit home…

Meet the Female College Students Who Bike the Pacific Coast to Fight Child Sex Trafficking (VIDEO)

Human trafficking is one of the more urgent issues our society is dealing with. Against a tide of exploitation and stories of millions of girls, boys, men, and women taken from their homes and sold for sex, it can feel like a helpless and hopeless issue to try and tackle. But one group of 10…

9 Serious Issues Porn Culture Fuels in High Schools

You may have already known this, but porn culture is a serious emerging issue in high schools and for the next generation. It fuels sexting and thus revenge porn, self-esteem issues, harassment, abuse, bullying, and provides the lowest quality information about sex. Watching isn’t worth it. The next big thing has arrived in high schools…

10 Significant Reasons to Stay Sexually Sober

“Tom” came to me for help, and he seemed sincere. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get sober,” he promised. So he entered my 90-day program. Tom did well until he realized that recovery is really hard work. I cut him no slack. He had to do the daily readings and exercises, attend multiple meetings…

The Lies of Lust: Fantasies That Won’t Satisfy

The Lust Trap is a web of lies. Lies that we believe. Lies that make promises that never deliver. This three part series tackles three of these lies head on and provides each truth needed to break free from the trap. I’ve already addressed Lie #1: This man or woman will make me feel whole…

What Online Predators Don’t Want YOU to Do

By Kelli Bouck As I scrolled through the photos on my phone, I was caught up in all the spectacular pictures I had just taken while on vacation with my sisters, until my eyes fell upon something I never expected to see. Right there, among my vacation photos, appeared a number of very graphic naked…


Ayuda a tu hijo a comprender que hay buenas maneras de contacto físico y otras que no son apropiadas. Capacítalos enseñándoles a conocer el propósito y el significado del contacto físico positivo y que el negativo es un mal contacto que los hará sentir incómodos. Les enseñarás habilidades sobre cómo decir no, cómo protegerse y…

Sex Isn’t the Solution to Your Husband’s Porn Problem

In the first few moments after I found my husband Craig’s digital footprints that led me to his favorite porn sites, all I could see, feel, and speak revolved around rage. I was embarrassed (because clearly, I was not satisfying), angry (did we not just speak wedding vows to forsake all others?), and oddly vindicated,…

Tame Your Family’s Media Before it Takes Over Your Lives!

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Family Media-Healthy By Haley Johnson When I was eight years old, I attended my best friend’s birthday party. Her parents were lavish with her, and the parties were extremely engaging. This particular year I remember being shocked and jealous when my friend opened her very first iPhone. I called…

Generation Porn: Single and Too Addicted to Mingle

I had the “perfect” Christian upbringing. My dad was a pastor, and our family’s faith was strongly integrated into every aspect of our life from day one. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a young age and felt confident in what I believed and how I lived out my testimony of faith….

Snapchat y adolescentes: lo que necesitas saber

Por Courtney Cagle Traducido por L. Antonio Mayen CastellanosUn día, mi amiga abrió su Snapchat y BAM! Allí había una foto de un pene … Sin advertencia, sin signos, sin mensaje en la foto, solo una imagen de un pene. Ella se sorprendió! Era una de sus amigas del instituto que amaba ir de fiesta…

Parent Alert: Is Roblox Safe for Kids? Watch Out for These 4 Dangers

Our regular Parent Alert! news updates help parents stay ahead of the trends affecting kids in our hypersexualized culture. 4 Dangers of Roblox Do your kids enjoy Roblox? It can be creative fun, but you also need to understand and guard against some significant risks to your kids! What is Roblox? Roblox is a multiplayer…

4 Misunderstood Signs of Child Abuse: A Sexual Assault Nurse Speaks Up

People naturally want to see evidence of damage done from an accident or a crime. Whether it’s the smashed front end of a car from a wreck, or a bruised eye after an argument, we want to see the wound, the stitches, the blood. We want proof.  We are socialized to believe that we have…

Explicit Content in 7 Top Music Apps – A Parent’s Guide

Chances are, your kids love to listen to music and share it with friends.  With so many music apps out there, which one is right for your family? Especially since so much music has explicit lyrics that you don’t want your kids boppin’ to! The American Academy of Pediatrics warns,  “Music plays an important role…

You Can’t Solve This Alone. And You Don’t Have To.

What do you do when the problem is too big? When the burden seems too heavy? And you’re asking yourself how you can possibly change the world when you’re just one… View Post The post You Can’t Solve This Alone. And You Don’t Have To. appeared first on Reach 10.

A young girl is dead, and we all fit the killer’s profile

By Josh Gilman: Crying in public I don’t know if you have ever wept openly in public before. But if you were sitting next to me listening to Patty Wetterling speak with eloquence, grace and love about the assault and murder of her son Jacob, you probably would have. I have heard speeches by parents…

Parent Alert! Strangers Can Cyber Flash Lewd Photos to Kids on iPhones

Our regular Parent Alert! news updates help parents stay ahead of the trends affecting kids in our hypersexualized culture. This month we’re talking about two sources of danger for children – and what you can do to protect kids! Read on to learn how to prevent cyber flashing and the risks of kids using SnapChat….

Interview with Lana Lichfield: Young Leader for Change

Last month, Reach 10 met with BYU’s Anti-Human Trafficking Club to hear Lana Lichfield talk about the connection between human trafficking and pornography. She’s a recent BYU Public Health graduate,… View Post The post Interview with Lana Lichfield: Young Leader for Change appeared first on Reach 10.

CESE Summit_2020

The post CESE Summit_2020 appeared first on National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Out of the Shadows: Addressing Underrepresented Issues of Sexual Exploitation

The post Out of the Shadows: Addressing Underrepresented Issues of Sexual Exploitation appeared first on National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep People Trapped Alone in Pornography

With connection, we can conquer Here at Reach 10, we focus on connection because we know that reaching out to 10 people can snowball into a network of supportive and… View Post The post 3 Limiting Beliefs That Keep People Trapped Alone in Pornography appeared first on Reach 10.

Steps to Teaching Boundaries for Kids and Help Prevent Sexual Abuse 

Parenting can be joyous, but also challenging. Learning prevention tools, such as boundaries and personal safety, can bring peace of mind when raising a child in the current era of #MeToo. Knowledge is power, which can dispel fears. And, learning the facts can be empowering for the whole family so no one is blindsided by…

Top 3 Things Gained from The We Stand Guard Books

There are three Say “NO!” and TELL! books that are part of the We Stand Guard boundaries and personal safety training program. Two children’s books and a training workbook are designed as toolkits with options, so you can choose what best fits your needs and values. Here are 3 of the most common things gained…

Media Savvy Moms Podcast GIVEAWAY!

3 Media Savvy Moms Podcast Subscribers Will Win an Internet Safety Book Bundle! Follow These Steps to Enter to Win 4 Read-Aloud Internet Safety Books for You and Your Kids! See titles below. STEP 1: Subscribe to the Media Savvy Moms Podcast on iTunes Download the Media Savvy Moms Podcast on iTunes HERE (Don’t have…

What Parents & Teens Need to Know About Healthy Sexuality to Talk About Pornography

There are many misconceptions about pornography in relation to healthy sexuality. We’re going to look at three major myths that parents and teens face in confronting compulsive pornography use. After… View Post The post What Parents & Teens Need to Know About Healthy Sexuality to Talk About Pornography appeared first on Reach 10.

How to cure porn-induced erectile dysfunction

By: Shawn Bonneteau (Secret Habit) Are you feeling the weight of sexual pressure due to erectile dysfunction? Struggling with Erectile Dysfunction has become an epidemic in the lives of men today. With pornography so readily available, heavy doses of stress in our everyday lives, and Doctors diagnosing physical symptoms prior to examining psychological symptoms, we…

Thanks for being a friend pornography!

People often write to us about their experience battling pornography and how the impact its had on their life. And sometimes they send us brilliant letters that express truths about life we feel need to be shared. We asked this young adult if they wouldn’t mind us sharing this “letter to pornography” that they sent…