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No organization or corporation should profit from, or contribute to, sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, many mainstream companies and groups do just that. With an army of tens of thousands of activists (we hope you’ll be numbered among these), we are proven policy-changers with an innovative combination of strategies that hold executives accountable for their harmful policies by galvanizing public awareness and action.

It is only after Hilton executives were receiving 1,000 emails a week from activists through our campaigns that they agreed to meet and then subsequently change their policies to completely stop selling on-demand pornography in their hotels around the world. Likewise, Barnes and Noble, Comcast, American Apparel, and Carls Jr. all replied to activists when they took to Twitter in calling them out for their bad policies. Your voice really matters. Signing petitions, making calls, sending letters and emails, spreading awareness on social media — all are worth it and actually lead to real-world change.

So, please join us! While all of these actions are included elsewhere on our website on pages and in blogs giving more background information, we have tried to create a page that aggregates many actions in one place. You can take 5, 10, 15, or even 50 actions in just minutes right here!

Thank you for standing with us to create a world free from sexual exploitation. 

Recent Action Alerts

You Can Help Congress Pass the “Fix App Ratings” Bill

It’s time to fix app ratings. The current system of hoping technology companies accurately and transparently self-“rate” their own products is broken. As a result, minors are left exposed to grooming, harassment, explicit content, and sexual abuse and exploitation at unprecedented levels. That’s where House Resolution (H.Res.) 721 comes in. Faced with the mounting crisis…

Graphic advocating for the passage of H.Res. 721 (the "Fix App Ratings" bill)

NCOSE, Allies, and DC Citizens Stand Up to the Pressure of “Full Decrim” Efforts

It is rare to come face-to-face with proponents of sexual exploitation, but we did on October 17 when the D.C. Council held a public hearing on a proposal to decriminalize the entire commercial sex industry—including acts of pimping, brothel keeping, and sex buying. NCOSE mobilized to oppose the pending bill with an Orwellian title: The…

#ProtectSurvivorsNotBuyers graphic in opposition to the DC City Council's "Full Decrim" bill

Op-ed: Heinz’s “Food Porn” Ads Fund Sex Trafficking and Child Abuse Porn

Originally published on The global companies, Kraft Heinz and Unilever, recently came under fire for advertising on Pornhub – a large, sexually exploitive, pornography site that normalized themes of racism, incest, and violence against women. Unilever ran an advertisement for its brand, the Dollar Shave Club. The ad read: “If you use our bathroom…

#WRAPWeek 2019: How You Can Impact Your Family, Your Faith Community, and Your Campus

Since White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) week started in 1987, thousands of people across the country have participated in tackling the many societal harms of pornography. This year’s Wrap Week runs from October 27th to November 3rd.  Here are three ways you can participate in #WRAPWeek activities! 1. Help Your Family Hold a family discussion…

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Led by Man Accused of Sexual Harassment

Earlier this year the notorious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was named to the 2019 Dirty Dozen List for its contributions to and normalization of sexual objectification. Since 1964 the annual issue has sexually objectified women for profit and sport, sending a message that women’s bodies are available for public consumption. The magazine would be more…

Time's Up for Sports Illustrated dehumanizing and objectifying women with their Swimsuit Issue

STATEMENT: 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Exploiting Diversity to Sanitize Its Legacy of Sexual Objectification 

Washington, DC –The latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will hit stores next week. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) denounces Sports Illustrated for its legacy of sexual objectification of women and its crass exploitation of cultural diversity to sanitize its actions. Hijab and burkini model gimmicks notwithstanding, the 2019 Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue carries…

NCOSE confirms child erotica & pedo ring on YouTube. TAKE ACTION.

YouTube is a facilitator of child sexual exploitation by allowing a softcore pedophilia ring to flourish on their site. YouTube has consistently failed to take full responsibility for the cleaning up of this issue, often putting forward lackluster solutions. Spread the message that it’s time to #WakeUpYouTube. Advertisers like Walt Disney Co., Nestle, Fortnite, and AT&T…

Take Action

Tell KraftHeinz to Stand Against Misogyny

Google DoH child safety

Petition: Slow Down Google’s Large-Scale Encryption Efforts to Ensure Online Safety

Google is rolling out large-scale encryption efforts (referred to as DoH, for DNS over HTTPS.)

Sign the petition to stand with us!

These changes could: 1) Make online crimes against children harder to track by law enforcement and Internet watchdogs, and; 2) Create confusion and make it harder to filter and remove illegal content normally blocked by network operators, ISPs, and other third-party DNS providers, including schools.

Tell Nevada legislators to end legal brothels

Tell Massage Envy to Improve Their Policies Regarding Sexual Assault

Tell Google to Remove Graphic Pornography from Images Search

Demand Amazon Remove Incest-Themed Erotica

Petition: End Legal Brothels

Email American, Delta, and United Airlines

Report Sex Trafficking On the Plane

If You Suspect a Case of Human Trafficking While on a Plane: 

  • Try to subtly get the attention of a flight attendant, either through the call button or when they walk past you.
  • Consider writing a note to them about your concern, so that you will not be overheard. Most flight attendants are also trained to identify trafficking victims, so you can ask them to pay attention to the individual(s) you are concerned about. Ask them to consider using cockpit communications to alert authorities on the ground to meet the plane at the gate.

Additional Reporting Options:

  • Call toll-free (866) 347-2423 from anywhere in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.
  • Call (802) 872-6199 (not toll-free) from any country in the world.
  • Report the tip online at

Petition: Thank Walmart for Removing Cosmopolitan!

Check Your Local Walmart!

Walmart executives want to make sure their policy to keep Cosmopolitan out of their checkout aisles is properly enforced! If you see Cosmopolitan magazine in any Walmart checkout aisle, send a picture and the address of the store to us at

We will send these reports to Walmart and they will work to get it resolved!

Report Exploitive Content

We strongly advise that you do not go on Twitter looking for accounts or images or videos to report. Twitter is often inconsistent in removing exploitive material, so it is not worth intentionally exposing yourself to such content.

However, if you see child sexual exploitation or pornography on Twitter by accident, click here to review the reporting processes Twitter currently has available.

Review @MassageEnvy on Social

Share comments and feedback online. Here is Massage Envy…

on Facebook

on Twitter

on Instagram

on Consumer Reports

or find local locations near you on Yelp and Google Reviews





Take The Pledge To Stand Against Sexual Exploiters

Share Graphics on Social Media

Verizon cares about its image on social media – so share these graphics and tag @Verizon to ask them to stop selling sexually exploitive content!

Click here for easy click-to-share graphics.

Share Graphics on Social Media

Share graphics on social media to raise awareness and call on HBO to change! Consider tagging @HBO in your post as well.

Click here for easy click-to-share graphics.

Learn About Parental Controls on Steam

By default, when a person sets up a Steam account they have full access to see advertisements for every kind of game, including those with sexual content, which puts the burden on families to avoid sexually exploitive material on Steam.

In addition to asking Steam to improve that current policy, you can learn about the existing parental controls to keep your child safe.

Click here to learn more about parental controls on Steam, and share them with a friend.

Parents: Learn iBooks Safety

We can walk you through the protections iBooks provides and what they don’t protect you from. Read here.


Pledge To Help Stop The Demand for Sex Trafficking

Tell The American Library Association To Stop Opposing Library Filters

Thank You Oracle For Opposing Online Sex Trafficking

Sign the Petition: Tell HBO to Stop Promoting Pornography, Sexual Violence and Prostitution via The Deuce

Amazon studios-action

Email Amazon Executives to Improve Amazon Studio Content and Parental Controls

Email Steam Executives

Google: Thank You Petition

ibooks apple metoo sexual exploitation

Email iBooks and Apple Executives

Tweet at iBooks and Apple

Contacting companies on social media is a great way to get their attention, so please join with us in contacting iBooks on Twitter!

Click here for pre-written tweets you can send with just one click.

Sign the Petition to Boycott Fifty Shades Freed – Give to Women’s Shelters Instead!

fifty shades of grey fifty shades freed

How to Use Parental Controls for the Xbox 360

Read this blog for tips to secure your Xbox 360

Tweet at the Videogame Distributor

Tweet @steam_games to ask them to remove pornography and sexually exploitive videogames. Companies like this regularly monitor their Twitter accounts so this is a great way to reach out to them.

Sample Tweets:

  • Every parent needs to know that @steam_games is not a safe videogame store for their children.
  • By selling House Party, @steam_games is normalizing Brock Turner-style rape
  • Hey @steam_games, follow your own policies and stop selling pornographic House Party & Porno Studio Tycoon games!
  • @steam_games is marketing pornographic/sexually coercive games to millions of children.

#CleanUpComcast Call Campaign

Call Comcast Executives Directly and tell them to stop profiting from Sexual Exploitation!

Dial these numbers for a few of their top executives:

  • Chris Dunkeson, Vice President and General Manager, 2156651700
  • Phil Miller, Vice President, Strategic Partnership Development, 2152867955
  • James J Finnegan, Vice Chairman of Information Technology, 2156651700

Click here for talking points.

Report back to us on the call at


Check Your Local School’s Online Databases

Download the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s action packet “The ABCs vs XXX: How to Ensure Your School’s Online Library Databases are Pornography Free.” This is a useful tool for any concerned parent or citizen who wants to protect children from being exposed to pornography and sexually graphic materials on school online resources.


Tell Congress to Pressure the DOJ to Enforce Obscenity Law

*This action is for US Citizens only.

Email Roku Executives

Contact EBSCO Executives

Check Your Local Schools for EBSCO Subcsriptions

How to check:

  1. Go to your local school’s main website and navigate to the library page
  2. You will likely see a link to “online databases” or “research materials” somewhere on the page (you might have to poke around for it) and then click on that section
  3. They usually have the databases they subscribe to listed right there. If you see an EBSCO product, please email us at and provide the URL where you found this. Please include the school name, county and state in your email to us.

Join Our Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project

A surprising number of schools and public libraries do not have pornography filtering software and a much larger number employ ineffective filtering software that children are bypassing to gain access to pornography. And even good filters do not work within the EBSCO databases subscribed to by your child’s schools.

Learn more about our Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project here:

Thank Apple For Its Good Work


Contact Comcast Executives

Please forward any responses you get from Comcast to

Take Action: Email Twitter Executives

Email Executives from Cosmopolitan’s Parent Company

Parents Ask for Filters for Safe Schools, Safe Libraries


It often just takes a few concerned citizens to simply ask for effective filters to be installed and the libraries and schools will do it! Please take on this project and lead the way in your neighborhood. Download the “Getting Started Packet” here.

Become a Community Leader, Download Getting Started Packet

Sign The Pledge

View & Sign the Pledge Here.

* The Pledge is for Individuals & Organization

Ask Hotels to Stop Facilitating Exploitive Events

Report Suspected Sex Trafficking

If you suspect sex trafficking, or human trafficking, report the tip to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1 (888) 373-7888.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911.

join #icutcalvin on social media

Share your reasons you’re boycotting Calvin Klein with a picture or a post! Be sure to use the hashtag #icutcalvin. Feel free to send to us to share too! Email

Email Snapchat Executives


Email HBO: Ask Them To Create a Policy Against Sexually Exploitive Shows

Speak Up at Hotels

If you are staying at a hotel that offers pornography, you can demand that they turn off these channels before you even go to the room. They do have the ability to remove!

This will clearly send the message that this is material that is not acceptable.

In addition, mention to them that many other hotels have recognized that it is not ok to profit from and facilitate sexual exploitation – Marriott, Omni, Drury, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, and InterContinental Hotels Group have all implemented no-porn policies.

Choose a Porn-Free Hotel

Hotels that we know don’t no longer sell or never sold pornography include: Omni Hotels & Resorts, Drury Hotel, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott Hotels

Hotels who have recently changed their policy and are working to change existing contracts include: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) which includes brands such as Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Candlewood & more, Starwood Hotels which includes St. Regis, Westin, Sheraton & more, and Hyatt Hotels. Changed Policies Expected be fully implemented across all brands by end of 2016. 

If you are unsure about a location you hope to reserve, we encourage you to call the hotel before booking and ask.


Thank Walmart For Removing Exploitive Photography Books

Spread Word on Social Media

Share this campaign all over! Graphics are in the tools section.

Use these prepared Tweets (Trigger Warning if you look at their feeds):

  • @FoxyLadyInc @CowgirlsXpresso #bikinibaristas business is based on sexually exploiting women.
  • Real men don’t go to @FoxyLadyInc @CowgirlsXpresso because they’re businesses based on treating women like sex objects #sexploitationfreecoffee
  • @FoxyLadyInc @CowgirlsXpresso Please change your business strategy- just sell good #sexploitationfreecoffee, not women’s bodies!

social media

Email Amnesty Leaders

Learn More about Prostitution

Visit our website exposing truths about prostitution here.

Visit our webpage on prostitution

Learn more about these issues also by visiting the websites of the other groups listed at the bottom of this page. 

File a Complaint

If you witnessed nudity, profanity or other indecent material on broadcast television, please do the following:

1. File an official complain with the FCC here.

2. Report violations to us so we can hold the FCC accountable.



verizon stop selling sexual exploitation

Email Verizon Executives

Send a TWEET to @TheJusticeDep

Click here or use this text:

We want @TheJusticeDept & @JeffSessions to enforce existing federal #obscenity laws! Stop giving pornographers a green light to break law. #EndExploitation


Print This Flyer

Print this flyer, cut it in half and leave it in front of the Cosmopolitan magazines in your local retail checkout lines or hand to a store manager.

If you can, snap a picture of the flyer on top of a Cosmo and post it on social media using hashtag #cosmoharmsminors

Visit Facebook’s Safety Center

Learn more about safety on Facebook for adults and children by checking out their Safety Center here and joining their @FBSafety page for regular updates.

Learn about our Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project

Safe Schools Safe Libraries Project

Protect Your Home

    • Monitor your children’s use of the Internet and especially of social media platforms. Regularly have conversations with them about possible content they might encounter and about Internet safety.
    • Use tools! Use built-in parental controls where possible; install filter and accountability software on connected devices; etc.
    • Make sure your friends and family are aware of the dangers on Facebook and take action to protect against them. Encourage their involvement of these efforts to hold Facebook accountable for better enforcement of their policies.

Share your STORY

Personal stories help elected and business leaders to see the grave harm associated with this material and can be very helpful in getting them to change their policies. All will be shared anonymously. Please email your story to

Make this your social media profile picture


Wear A Ribbon During WRAP Week!

Other Ideas for Community Activism:

* Ask your community leaders to address these issues during WRAP. For example: Your church, school, library, etc.

* Ask your mayor to sign an official WRAP week declaration. (Surprisingly, they almost always sign it!)

* Ask 5 of your friends to take 10 actions on

Stay updated on these projects

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