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MindGeek's international pornography juggernaut is rife with child sexual abuse material, rape, racism, and myriad other forms of exploitative and criminal material. It must be shut down by dismantling these 4 pillars of Pornhub's infrastructure.



Pornhub's primary revenue stream comes from advertising. You can help to dismantle Pornhub by contacting their biggest ad spenders!
2 Victories! Unilever and Kraft-Heinz have cut ties with Pornhub.
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Pornhub uses a variety of platforms to distribute its exploitative content. If these providers no longer provide services to Pornhub, that will dismantle a major pillar of the Pornhub empire.
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Consumer Services

Consumer Services

Payment processing providers need to cut ties with Pornhub in order to dismantle their financial support pillar. Let these companies hear your voice now!
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Whether it's providing a VPN app or hosting thumbnail images, these technology companies are supporting Pornhub. Let them know it's time to shut it down.
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Our Groundbreaking Lawsuit With Our Partners:

The NCOSE Law Center is helping victims of Pornhub bring a class action lawsuit against MindGeek in order to see justice served. Here's how.

Updates on other lawsuits and legal battles:


Pornhub is Inherently Exploitative

Operating as what is known as a "porn aggregator tube site," Pornhub is one of the most-visited pornographic websites in the world. (It also ranks as one of the most-visited websites overall ahead of non-pornographic websites such as CNN, BBC, Spotify, the New York Times, and more.)

Every day, Pornhub serves as a willing and profiting host to a wide-range of degrading material that includes (but is not limited to) racism, incest, and violence against women.

Indeed, it is abundantly clear that there is ample objective, nonreligious, and nonpartisan evidence that shows Pornhub is complicit with the exploitation on its site regardless of whether or not the material and those behind it are "verified."

Pornhub's Abuse and Exploitation Go Far Beyond "Unverified" Material

Pornhub's mountainous volumes of unverified content are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the abusive, degrading, and harmful content that Pornhub's very business model is based on.

Regardless of whether or not an account is "verified," there is no way to make Pornhub safer or to prevent the abuse and trauma inherent in pornography by eliminating unverified accounts because the abuse and trauma are also perpetrated by individuals and entities behind "verified" accounts. Case in point: GirlsDoPorn.com was a verified user on Pornhub, but many of those videos were of sex trafficked women. Or the young girl who was missing - until her mother found over 50 "verified" videos of her daughter posted to Pornhub by her traffickers.

Pornhub cannot sanitize the fact that its audience wants abuse material by simply erasing some videos with a flip of a switch. The reality of the matter is that mainstream pornography goes hand-in-hand with content involving children, rape, incest, racism, and extreme violence against women.

These are the themes and types of material Pornhub has built their empire on.

These are the themes and types of material that the entire pornography industry are built on.
Pornhub's Abuse, Exploitation, and Criminality are Representative of the Entire Pornography Industry

The sexual abuse, exploitation, and crimes that have come to light surrounding Pornhub are not unique to Pornhub or to pornography "tube sites." Sexual abuse and exploitation are both inherent and endemic to the entire pornography industry at large.

Accusations about the abuse and exploitation that the pornography industry is rife with are not new. Pornography performers have reported these types of incidents numerous times before (Content Warning: some of these links may describe or depict disturbing details):

In any other profession, a pattern of abuse this significant would lead to interventions by the law. Yet the pornography industry keeps getting a pass. It is past time to acknowledge that this business refuses to consider reform because it can’t be reformed. It is naïve to think an industry that equates acts of violence with sex and which fetishizes forced sex does not give license to these abuses. Pornography is real. The women in it are made to endure its abuse and the women outside of it are made to endure its consequences.

This should not be so.

The pornography industry would love for the public to believe it is a reputable industry that harms no one and only features fully-willing performers. This is not reality.

In reality, the porn industry and its massive profits are built upon sexual objectification, abuse, trafficking, and exploitation of all kinds.

The data and the research expose this as reality.

Producers who have come out of the porn industry expose this as reality.

Performers who have come out of the porn industry expose this as reality.

Regular people and their stories of abuse and exploitation expose this as reality.

Children and their stories of abuse and exploitation expose this as reality.

It’s well past time to stop ignoring the data on the abuse and exploitation correlated with the pornography industry. That's why the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has been—and will continue—working diligently to see exploitative entities like Pornhub brought to justice.


The resignations of both MindGeek’s CEO and COO, and the reported layoffs of likely half of its employees, are more evidence that Pornhub's infrastructure is crumbling

No amount of “self-regulation” is going to be able to magically “fix” the racism, misogyny, and violence inherent to the production of pornography.

MindGeek continued to face scrutiny as its executives were questioned by the Canadian Parliament’s House of Commons Ethics Committee in early February 2021.

This past December, we achieved our biggest victory yet—after years of tireless advocacy from passionate defenders of dignity like you, the hardcore online pornography titan Pornhub is finally crumbling before our eyes! 

BREAKING: Pornhub has removed at least 10.6 million abuse videos and counting as of December 14, 2020. MindGeek is also saying that they plan to do the same across all of their related websites.


Lawsuit Filed Against Pornhub

An accomplished assembly of survivor-focused and commercial litigation law firms have jointly filed a class action lawsuit against MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub.

The Children of Pornhub

Groundbreaking New York Times articling highlighting the experiences of numerous survivors who had their abuse and exploitation filmed and distributed on Pornhub.

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