Pornhub equals Racismhub
June 19, 2020

Pornhub’s Darkly Ironic Claims About Racism and Social Injustice

As we have stated, “Addressing sexual exploitation means addressing racism and the systems that allow oppression and marginalization to continue.”

In the continuing conversation about race and sexual exploitation, it would be impossible to stay silent about the largest internet pornography provider: Pornhub.

In response to recent events, including protests for racial justice in all 50 United States and in countries around the world, many corporations have attempted to capitalize on the opportunity by positioning themselves as socially conscious—an action that seems to reflect their desire to appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Shortly after the death of George Floyd and the beginning of the rallies for racial justice, Pornhub tweeted that they “stand in solidarity against racism and social injustice.” They followed that up with a statement wherein they pledged to donate “$100,000 to organizations actively fighting for equality.” Not only this, but they also called for their audience to join them in donating and supporting causes for social justice and equality.

The original tweet can be found here:

While this might sound fine to the uninitiated, there is a dark truth they are trying to hide behind their virtue signaling: Pornhub actively approves and profits from racist material on its site.

Pornhub works hard to appear philanthropic in order to throw the general public off of its exploitative scent, but more and more people are beginning to know better and call them out for it.

Pornhub thinks donating $100,000 will hide the fact they approve & monetize extreme racism on their site,” responded Laila Mickelwait of Exodus Cry.

Haley McNamara, NCOSE vice president and director of the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation, commented that Pornhub’s pledge was deeply ironic considering the fact that they are “a company literally profiting off of white supremacy porn (such as a currently live video: ‘Black slave gets f***** by white master’ 240k views).”

Fight the New Drug replied directly to Pornhub asking,

“If you’re anti-racism, why do you host the following videos on your site?

– “Black Slave Punished by White Master”

– “White Cops F— Black Chick, Force Boyfriend to Watch”

– “Gang Banged by Blacks”

– “Skanky N—r gives a Blowjob”

– “Black Slave Girl Brutalized””

With 42 billion online visits per year, Pornhub is actively creating culture—whether they accept that responsibility or not. Pornhub perpetuates and perpetrates violent and racist sexual stereotypes in our culture while raking in profits from doing so.

It has been reported that Pornhub’s algorithm gives search suggestions like “black slave” and “african slave” to some users. In addition, many videos portray “racist themes, including racial stereotypes and verbal abuse directed at black women, on top of the violence that is already present . . . In the days following the terrible police-perpetrated murder of George Floyd, Pornhub hosted and monetized George Floyd and police-brutality-themed pornography.”

Why are we as a society allowing race-based sexual exploitation and violence to flourish online? We must not stand idly by. We must stand up against it. 

In a time of so much uncertainty and chaos, Pornhub’s true character continues to shine through. 

Pornhub = #TraffickingHub superimposed over an image of a woman standing outside
The Global #Traffickinghub Campaign Against Pornhub, Explained

They are not only a #Traffickinghub, but a #Racisthub and #Hatehub. We will do everything in our power to make sure they no longer profit from the racist and exploitative practices that they continue to allow, enable, and perpetrate.

There is no amount of philanthropy or social activism that can erase or even hide the abuse and exploitation that Pornhub inflicts on its victims and on which it is built to capitalize.

It is crucial, now more than ever, to address the racism inherent in systems of sexual abuse and exploitation such as pornography. Pornhub must be held accountable.

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Aubrey Pound

Communications Specialist

Aubrey Pound is a communications specialist at NCOSE and helps the organization broadcast its message and mission on a national and international scale. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a minor in Family Life from Brigham Young University. Her overarching goal in life is to do good in any way possible. Aubrey is passionate about protecting vulnerable populations, especially women and children, by bringing visibility to the struggles they unequally face in areas such as sexual exploitation. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in the future.

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