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April 10, 2017

Ex-Producer for Hustler Speaks Out About the Damage of the Porn Industry

Shelley Lubben from The Pink Cross interviewed Christopher Gregory. This is an excerpt.

Shelley: How long were you in the porn business?

Christopher: I was in the business for a very short time, almost five years. [That’s short] compared to many. Again, to me it was a way to make money, build my name, and then crossover. Twenty years ago that would have virtually impossible, but because Hollywood has virtually become an industry of virtually no morals, I was introduced to many people who worked part time (under assumed names) in the porn business as either camera guys, writers, or directors or producers and still worked during the day on mainstream industry films.

Shelley: What was it like being a director/producer?

Christopher: It was “okay” but the pressure and the demands were not as pleasant as one might think. There were times where I would get calls almost daily from Hustler execs, yelling and ranting and I thought “Really? You’re yelling? You’re cursing?” Believe it or not, it’s NOT a pleasant venture in this business; it’s cutthroat and it’s evil and the men behind the masks, behind the power, are rude, aggressive, and simply don’t care. After all, you’re not filming a dramatic, you’re shooting porn.

Shelley: What is your worst memory?

Christopher: My worst memory was on the set of a Hustler film, I was shooting on location and the drug use was rampant with the talent, yet I was told to get it finished (it was a five-day shoot) any which way I had to. Anybody who tells you the porn industry does not endorse drug use is a liar. I had my fair share of work with girls who had worked with every top studio—from Wicked to Hustler to Vivid—and it was commonplace to make sure the girl(s) were “ready,” even if that meant drunk (alcohol was always provided). I was told, when I first started working for Hustler, to provide alcohol on set because it loosened up the people involved. Crazy.

Shelley: So it’s common for porn stars and crew to use drugs and alcohol on the set?

Christopher: Drugs and alcohol are used by ALL. No exceptions. It’s not out of the realm to have a drug dealer come on set and ‘hook’ women up. It simply happens all the time.

Shelley: What did you see going on the porn sets?

Christopher: I’ve seen some crazy things. Drug habits, overdoses, fights between girls or between girls and their boyfriends, boyfriends bringing their girlfriends to set bruised up, forcing them to perform simply to get a check. Again, crazy things. I’ve seen girls come out of prison and go straight into this business. I’ve had a girl get pregnant from a movie I did for Hustler, there was no protection because Hustler and LFP frowned on condom use on set. Last I heard she was on probation and delivered the baby in jail. It was insane. 

Shelley Lubben from The Pink Cross interviewed Christopher Gregory. This is just an excerpt.

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