It’s the 27th Annual National White Ribbon Against Pornography Week!

Did you know that it was just one woman in Pennsylvania with an idea, and now 27 years later thousands are still participating in WRAP week.

The White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Campaign began with one woman in Butler, PA in 1987. Norma Norris heard a sermon against pornography delivered by the pastor of her Catholic parish. Msgr. Francis Glenn lamented that local prosecutors and law enforcement had been deluded into thinking that people didn’t care about the hardcore porn being sold in her community. Norma looked at the full pews in the church and said, “That can’t be; we’re here and we care!” Norma then gave herself the challenge to inspire her community and to send out the message: WE CARE! WE COUNT! Norma thought the plan had to be simple, inexpensive, and something to catch the imagination. Soon after, the idea of a simple white ribbon as a symbol of decency came to her, and a movement was born.

NormaNorrisNorma then worked with Msgr. Glenn, the Butler County Citizens for Decency, and the Butler Fellowship of Churches to organize the first White Ribbon campaign. Ribbons were distributed; huge white ribbon bows were sent to the Governor and the Attorney General of Pennsylvania; petitions were signed; and a motorcade was organized.

The highlight of the campaign was the bulldozing of a closed porn bookstore. The Butler County Citizens for Decency bought the property especially for the purpose. A judge signed an eviction notice against the store, and on a sunny day in fall, in front of a large crowd of citizens and cameras from local TV stations, the bulldozer smashed the porn shop to smithereens.

That year, Morality in Media became the national sponsor of the WRAP Campaign. WRAP has since taken on a life of its own with many local groups adding their own events, projects and ways to get the word out. Many other national groups organize campaigns during this week as well. We invite all to participate!

What can you do during WRAP Week:

  • MIM_WRAP_600x600Make this image your profile image on social media accounts!
  • Wear a white ribbon and explain the meaning when someone asks! Make your own with a spool of white ribbon and straight pins, or order them here
  • Get educated on the issues! Attend one or more of our free online webinars or find a group to learn more about.
  • Get 5 of your friends to take 10 actions on com.
  • Have a family meeting or lesson on the dangers of pornography and safe media choices.
  • Install filters on your devices! See a list of recommended filters here.
  • Post something about the harms of pornography on your social media accounts.
  • Distribute or post handouts that educate on the specific harms of pornography.
  • Talk to leaders at your church, local schools, libraries, etc. about these issues.
  • Ask your mayor to sign an official WRAP Week declaration. (Surprisingly, they almost always sign it!)


See a list of them here, attend and tell your friends!


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The Maryland Coalition Against Pornography got MD Governor Martin O’Malley to make an official proclamation that WRAP week is recognized in the state of Maryland!

Other groups and individuals have done this, too! Great work MD leaders!

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