February 20, 2015

Action: Cancel the New TV Show ‘Sex Box’

The new television show Sex Box is slotted to premier this month on WE TV. The premise of the show is that couples have recorded sex in a box on a stage before a live audience and then “experts” give relationship advice after critiquing this most intimate act.

Sex Box, claiming to help couples in need of therapy, is nothing more than a sex show that exploits intimacy in order to increase failed network ratings. The problem with a sex-centered show on a basic cable tier is that it forces itself on families who want their money better spent on a child-friendly television package. Once sex seeps into the most basic, family cable package, it will inundate networks with a sexually explicit nature, as ratings create a demand for competitive, similar-themed alternatives.

Join us, alongside Parent’s Television Council and One Million Moms, to cancel the show, Sex Box, and keep pornographic and indecent television off basic cable.

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