March 6, 2017

ARTICLE: Facebook is still failing to remove images of child exploitation, investigation reveals

Original Post: The Verge

A BBC investigation has revealed that Facebook users are continuing to exchange sexualized images of children through online groups, and the social network has come under criticism for failing to remove the obscene content. Of the 100 images that the BBC reported, Facebook removed only 18, saying that the remaining 82 did not violate its community standards. After the news organization alerted Facebook to the content, the company reported the journalists to police and canceled an interview scheduled for last week, the BBC reports.

Facebook said it would improve its moderation systems after a 2016 BBC investigation showed that pedophiles were exchanging child pornography through secret groups. The BBC followed up by flagging 100 images using Facebook’s “report” button. The images included photos of minors in sexualized poses, groups where users posted stolen photos of children, and pages that were created for men interested in such content. Another image showed a comment asking for child pornography under a video of child abuse.


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