As a lesbian, I completely understand the attraction to women. What I don’t understand is the objectification of men or women!

As a lesbian, I completely understand the attraction to women. What I don’t understand and what hurts my soul to the core is the objectification of anyone-be they male or female. My family growing up was devastated with the discovery of pornographic sites in the history of our home computer. I knew that it was either the older of my two brothers or my father. It made me feel unsafe in my own home. If one of them was objectifying these women-using them solely as objects of lust-how could I feel safe? Were my friends safe to come over or would they also be seen for just their bodies? My oldest brother still is addicted to porn. I’ve seen his stashes of magazines and movies. He does not see it as a problem or anything wrong. He doesn’t take into account the pain that he has caused and is causing. He doesn’t see what he is saying to all the women in his life by viewing pornography: You are worth no more than the satisfaction your body could give mine.

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