April 13, 2018

Backpage CEO Guilty Plea Portend End to U.S. Sex Trafficking

Statement by Patrick A. Trueman, President & CEO NCOSE

Washington, DC

A guilty plea revealed by multiple news sources of Backpage.com CEO Carl Ferrer portends an end to sex trafficking as we know it in America. The U. S. Department of Justice has finally struck at the heart of the world of sex trafficking, targeting the largest company facilitating the industry. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and all law enforcement agency leaders involved in the Backpage effort are to be commended.


The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has for years urged the Department of Justice to vigorously prosecute sex trafficking but, until now, the Department has had a tepid response to one of the most horrific and yet prolific crimes in America.


“With the Department of Justice now fully engaged and the signing into law by President Trump of the critical anti-trafficking law, FOSTA-SESTA, which empowers state prosecutors to target online sex traffickers, we can see the day when sex trafficking in America becomes a business too hazardous and unprofitable in which to engage.


Backpage.com is a target on the Dirty Dozen List of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and further information can be reviewed here.

See the NCOSE Press Conference and Rally from April 6, 2018 when the FBI Siezed and Shut Down Backpage.

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