ACTION: Tell “Duke Porn Star Belle Knox” she is worth more

Send Miriam Weeks (aka “The Duke Porn Star Belle Knox”) a message that she is worth more. She has been exploited by the porn industry and media, used and abused, and then bullied out of college. She sees few options for her future now, but to give into the deceptive promises told to her by the male producers and agents in the porn industry. She is now the star judge and prize of a new reality show that promises porn stardom and a one million dollar prize.


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sexfactorshowgraphics-03About Miriam Weeks:

Miriam claims that she is an empowered woman, uniquely in control of her sexuality, yet she falls right in as a statistic in the porn industry — a pawn of the pornographers and the growing demand for exploited young girls.

Today, Miriam Weeks goes as Belle Knox in porn, but she admits to living a double life for some time before that. As a straight-A student, captain of the debate team, active in her community through charity and activism in high school, Miriam was also deeply depressed, cutting to deal with her inner pain, and with such low self-esteem that she carved “fat” into her own skin.

This beautiful, intelligent, capable young woman did not feel empowered and was clinging to some form of control of her life. She failed to see herself for what she really was.

On top of these inner conflicts, Miriam’s external environment influenced her to feel even smaller. After she lost her virginity, concealing it from her religious parents, nude images of her were sent around on social media to torment and embarrass her. This bullying led to her being raped at a party and pushed into even deeper depression and self-loathing.

Each of these events would be traumatizing enough, but experiencing both combined with years of depression and self-harm resulted in the kind of self-worth and mental anguish suitable to be in porn. She thought that the only way to be worth something was to use her sexuality and allow others to use her as an object.

Getting in to Duke was Miriam’s chance to reinvent herself, to come into her own as a confidant woman. When she saw that slipping away from her for financial reasons, Miriam regressed into her low self-esteem and began believing the lies pornographers tell young women like Miriam in order to exploit them for their own gain.

Help her to see that she is worth much more than this. Please send a note of encouragement and love. Send message here.

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