August 24, 2015

Billboard Exposing the Harms of Pornography Goes Up in Alabama

Pornography is an epidemic that harms nearly every family in America. Sadly, many people are unaware of the multi-faceted, public health crisis of pornography.

That’s where the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s City Blitz Campaign comes in. The City Blitz Campaign is about educating your community about the reality of sexual exploitation, particularly pornography, whether through school assemblies, church events, training for parents, or even billboards. The campaign also connects people with resources if they are struggling and it motivates action to publicly oppose exploitation in local communities.

Concerned about children becoming addicted to pornography and about the sex trafficking epidemic, Birmingham-based marriage and family therapist, Melea Stephens, and others, formed the Alabama Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (ALACESE). Recently, ALACESE partnered with NCOSE to create a billboard on 65-South overlooking downtown Birmingham, AL. The purpose of this billboard is to raise awareness about the harms of pornography, and how it is linked to sex trafficking, child abuse, and lifelong addictions. Picture_AlabamaBillboard_8-24-15

This billboard is the product of grassroots efforts, and it is an encouraging example that every individual can make an important impact in the movement to end sexual exploitation.

In 2013, another billboard revealing the harms of pornography was raised on I-20, in Alabama, leading to an increase in public awareness. There have also been billboards in Nebraska and Wisconsin which have reached countless drivers. Education is key in fighting this battle against the public health crisis of pornography, and every flyer, town hall meeting, church group, and billboard makes a difference.

Do you want to set up a billboard in your community? The National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s City Blitz Campaign works with passionate community leaders to give them the resources they need to better educate their local area. To learn more, check out our City Blitz Campaign page:

If you would like to run a city-wide blitz in your area, please contact us at or call 202-393-7245.

Haley McNamara (Halverson)

Vice President and Director of the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation

Haley McNamara (formerly Halverson) is the Director of the International Centre on Sexual Exploitation in the UK, and a Vice President at the U.S. based National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She leads international efforts and joint campaigns to improve policies and education among global governing bodies, citizenry, and corporations regarding the full web of sexual exploitation issues. Her advocacy work has contributed to policy improvements in social media, online advertising, retail, and hotel industries. She has advocated at the United Nations, led international coalition campaigns, presented to Danish, Croatian, Colombian and Rwandan government officials, and more

She is a former member of the Washington DC Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. This Committee advises DC Mayor Muriel Bowser on the multi-faceted continuum of the District of Columbia’s child welfare services, including prevention, early intervention, treatment, and sources of permanency.

Haley regularly speaks and writes on topics including child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual objectification, the exploitation of males, and more. She has presented before officials at the United Nations, as well as at several national symposia before influencers from the Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Croatian government officials. She has provided training to Arlington County Child & Family Services on the social media grooming, recruitment, and advertising for sex trafficking. She has a Master of Arts in Government from Johns Hopkins University where she received honors for her thesis regarding the online commercial sexual exploitation marketplace.

Previously, Haley served for two years as Director of Communications for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation where she oversaw strategic messaging development, press outreach, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Prior to working at NCOSE, Haley wrote for a cultural media outlet. Haley graduated from Hillsdale College (summa cum laude) with a double major, and conducted a senior thesis on the abolitionist argument regarding prostitution. During her studies, she studied abroad at Oxford University and established a background in policy research through several internships in the DC area.

Haley has appeared on, or been quoted in, several outlets including the New York Times, NBC’s The Today Show, BBC News, New York Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, Voice of America, Dr. Drew Midday Live, The DeMaio Report, the New York Daily News, the Washington Examiner, USA Radio Network, the Washington Times, CBC News, The Rod Arquette Show, The Detroit News, Lifezette, The Christian Post, Lifeline with Neil Boron, EWTN News Nightly, KCBS San Francisco Radio, LifeSiteNews, The Drew Mariano Show on Relevant Radio, News Talk KGVO, and American Family News.

She has written op-eds for the Washington Post, the Huffington Post,, Washington Examiner,, Darling Magazine, the Daytona-Beach News Journal, and has been published in the Journal of Internet Law and the journal Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and ViolenceShe has also contributed to a digital middle school curriculum regarding the links between sex trafficking and pornography as well as the public health impacts of sex trafficking.

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