November 18, 2013

Book Recommendation: An Island Just For Us


A resident of Naples for the past 32 years, Hattemer has had a long career of activism on important issues. She has fought for high community standards here in Naples and throughout the country. She put together a film of the type of pornography being shown in Florida, took it to Tallahassee to educate our legislators and made a presentation at the Miami Hearings of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography. She also gathered the country’s top 25 researchers on the effects of sexual media and media violence and wrote her first book on their findings.

She has long believed that more people would be educated to its harms through a work of fiction than through a research book. An Island Just for Us is that work.

About The Book

The story takes place on an island in Maine’s beautiful Penobscot Bay. Readers respond that reading it is like taking a vacation on Maine’s intriguing and challenging coastal islands. They enjoy the beautiful setting, the realistic characters of the contrasting families of the story, the romance that develops between Elena Richards who has been brought up in a loving and stable family and Todd Langdon who belongs to a family that is constantly unraveling. The story is strong on family relationships and how they solve their problems. Readers also learn a great deal about the difficult subject of pornography whose prevalence in our increasingly sexual culture is adversely affecting our young people.

Author Barbara Hattemer majors in writing about difficult subjects, placing them in beautiful settings in captivating stories that are fun to read. This is a story with a mission: to educate parents and grandparents on the dangers that await their children and convince them they must take it seriously when their child first brings home a pornographic magazine or watches Internet pornography.



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