July 1, 2017

Call Comcast Executives! Join Us For An Action Blitz Against This Mainstream Pornography Distributor

Join us for our call blitz to tell Comcast

to stop selling hardcore pornography!


Comcast is a well-respected mainstream company that provides cable TV, high-speed Internet, and Xfinity video-on-demand.

However, Comcast is also a major distributor of hardcore pornography. Through its on-demand videos and premium channel services, Comcast sells pornography with racist themes, incest themes, and teen themes.

We are asking Comcast to immediately stop distributing hardcore pornography, which causes a multitude of public health harms to children and adults alike.

We all hate waiting on Comcast customer service calls…but this time we have their executives’ direct numbers! So it’s easy to take action!

Call 833-CLEANTV to tell Comcast executives to stop selling hardcore pornography

Call 833-CLEANTV


Talking Points for Calling Comcast:

1) Explain that you are calling to complain about Comcast distributing and profiting from pornography on-demand films and pornography channels.

2) Explain that Comcast is ruining its reputation by selling many racist, incest, teen-themed pornography films. If they try to deny this, direct them to this website which has documented proof: endsexualexploitation.org/comcast. (You can refer to this page for further information as well.)

3) Recently, a Vice President at Comcast called the president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Patrick Trueman, and told him Comcast would be sanitizing the descriptions of pornographic films they sell….the same descriptions that make it clear that Comcast is profiting from pornographic films depicting themes of racism, violence against women, and incest.

While Comcast may believe their motives are to help shield unintentional viewers from the harmful content they distribute, there is room for skepticism about those intentions. Does Comcast want to protect their customers? Or themselves? If Comcast wanted to protect its customers it would not simply sanitize the descriptions of pornographic films, it would stop distributing and profiting from such offensive and degrading content in the first place.

4) Ask them to publicly commit to no longer sell this material, and to meet with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to ensure their company installs policies that are socially responsible and respect human dignity.

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