August 6, 2020

CBN News: TikTok Added to Dirty Dozen List, Watchdog Warns Kids Are at Risk

Originally Published at CBN News

President Trump is threatening to shut down the Chinese-owned video app TikTok, because of claims it is a source of national security and censorship concerns.

He has set a Sept. 15 deadline for it to be bought out by an American company or go out of business.

Now the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is urging that any action enabling TikTok to continue operating in the US must require additional safeguards to protect children from online predators.

Lina Nealon, the director of Corporate and Strategic Initiatives at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation appeared on the Thursday afternoon edition of CBN’s Newswatch to talk about why the TikTok app was added to the center’s 2020 Dirty Dozen List.

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