April 25, 2016

CNN: Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signs resolution calling porn a ‘health hazard’

Original Source: CNN

Author: Forest Brown


A state with a national reputation for wholesomeness is taking aim at a medium with quite a different reputation: the pornography industry.

Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed two pieces of legislation on Tuesday that aim to combat what’s called “a sexually toxic environment” caused by porn.
“Pornography is a public health crisis. Today I signed two bills that will bring its dangers to light. S.C.R. 9 calls for additional research and education so that more individuals and families are aware of the harmful effects of pornography,” said Herbert on the governor’s Facebook page.
The bills have the support of people such as Dawn Hawkins, the executive director of National Center on Sexual Exploitation in Washington, who is scheduled to appear at the signing.
In an interview in 2015, she said, “Pornography encourages viewers to view their sexual partners in a dehumanized way, and it increases the acceptance and enjoyment of sexual violence and harmful beliefs about women, sex and rape.”


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