April 24, 2017

#ComcastCares? Then Why Does It Sell Sexually Exploitive Material?

Saturday, #ComcastCaresDay began trending on Twitter as Comcast launched its annual corporate volunteer event.

As the hashtag began climbing, though, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation addressed the irony that although Comcast claims to care about building communities, it also has defending selling pornography with racist, sexist, and violent themes.

NCOSE spoke out on Twitter, stating:

“If #ComcastCares then why did @Comcast defend selling racist, violent & child-themed porn?”


U.S. law prohibits distribution of hardcore, obscene pornography through cable or subscription services on TV and through the Internet.


Comcast Xfinity pornography themes include: babysitting, teens, gagging, incest, school girls, sex trafficking, racism, physical abuse, sexism, degradation.

Comcast provides dozens of pornography titles via its Cinemax, Playboy, Vivid, Hustler, TEN, and Too Much for TV channels and subscriptions. All in all, by one review conducted in April 2016, there were 515 X-rated offerings on Comcast’s Xfinity.

Our society is struggling to cope with the impacts of multiple forms of sexual abuse and violence: child sexual abuse, adult sexual exploitation, racially-motivated sexual violence, sex trafficking, and more. These problems have not emerged from a vacuum but flourish within the context of unprecedented access to hardcore pornographic material. Adult, hardcore pornography—with its raw, brutal, debasing, violent and hate-filled themes—exacerbates the deeply entrenched social ills mentioned above and unleashes devastating impacts at the individual and societal level.

By distributing pornography, Comcast is participating in and encouraging these harms, which is why Comcast is on NCOSE’s 2017 Dirty Dozen List.

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