April 8, 2014

Conference will bring attention to pornography crisis (OneNewsNow)

By Charlie Butts
April 08, 2014

Pornography is pervasive in America and it harms. But several organizations hope to catch up with the problem with an upcoming conference.

The reason pornography is so available is because the demand for it exists, but also because for years the Department of Justice has refused to prosecute illegal pornography with the exception of child porn.

Pat Trueman heads Morality in Media, and he tells about a conference that is currently being planned to shed greater light on the issue.

“Morality in Media is working with a number of groups around the country – including American Family Association – to put on the first national conference on the subject of pornography that’s taken place in 27 years,” he tells OneNewsNow.

There will be various expert speakers on hand to cover the issue of pornography, as well as of child and adult trafficking, because all these subjects are tightly intertwined.

“And the reason we’re doing it and all the groups that are supporting it are doing it is because the harm from pornography is at pandemic levels,” he says. “Every family in America is either touched by it or immediately threatened by the harm from pornography.”

It’s one reason why marriages break up, and women are now starting to catch up with men in online access to the material. At the conference, the Porn Harms Coalition, there will be experts and lectures directed at people who want to fight the fight against it, but it is also intended for members of the public who are simply interested. The conference is set for May in Washington.

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