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January 10, 2018

Cosmopolitan: 18 Fifty Shades Of Grey scandals you never knew about

9. Fifty Shades Freed has also been accused of “glamourising domestic violence”.In a column for Townhall, director of communications at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Katherine Blakeman, said: “Women want and deserve healthy and consensual intimate relationships. So, Fifty Shades author E.L. James dressed up a sadomasochistic, abusive sexual relationship as just that – one that ended in true love, was based on consent, and was healthy for both partners.

“This unconvincing lie becomes all the more repulsive in the third part of the trilogy, when Christian Grey tells his wife, Ana, who suspects him of cheating, that he ‘made a vow to love [her] faithfully, forsaking all others, to comfort [her] in times of need, and to keep [her] safe.’

“Apparently Christian Grey’s definition of ‘safe’ doesn’t include physical, emotional, or psychological safety for Ana, just ultra-possessive jealousy on his part that keeps her ‘safe’ from other men.”

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