July 18, 2014

Documentary Series: Sex on Demand

By David Perry, writer, director, and producer at Bella Veritas Productions

“Am I a sex addict? Where did it sex addiction originate in my life? What influence does pornography and masturbation have on me? How can I walk out a path of restoration and healing?” It is these questions, and many others, that the new 10-part documentary, Sex on Demand, compels us to talk about.

This thought provoking film, described as ‘the best produced film about sex addiction and human trafficking,’ looks at sex addiction under the microscope, as well as the demand of human trafficking, modern day slavery. It includes interviews with specialists, activists, survivors, recovering sex offenders, addicts and porn stars.

The film, produced by Bella Veritas Productions, is meant to educate people on what is really going with these two painful topics, but more importantly, be a catalyst to do something differently. We as a society all contribute to this. We all must respond.

Sex addiction is rampant in our society. This is no surprise to most. But the fact that 10% of the American population is caught in the chains of addiction, a third of them women, is a little more shocking.

The hard reality is that both the addict and those around him/her don’t know how to deal with addiction. The secrecy, lies, double life. The life of an addict can be compared to that of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. The belief and mantra of “just don’t do it” is a beautiful idea, but who are we kidding? Something must be done differently. Sex on Demand sheds light on what is really happening, addressing the science of addiction, the behavior, and the underlying “real” problem that must be healed in the addicts life, for there to be real change.

The film, inspired by the 35-minute narrative film, 10 Seconds, which told the story of a successful business and family man, also an addict, who is on a crash course with three Russian sex trafficking victims. The film shows the humanity of both “slaves.”

Sex on Demand, and 10 Seconds, are being distributed online through the partnership with about 20 different non-profit organizations. Both can be viewed and used individually or in groups to activate a discussion, and hopefully inspire a response.

One of the things that Sex on Demand addresses is labor trafficking, which we as Americans don’t like thinking about. The film calls for us as individuals to analyze what we buy and where we buy it from, because we may be contributing to this global atrocity. Sometimes bigger, faster and cheaper has consequences.

You may already know everything about sex addiction, pornography and human trafficking. However, there are people in your life that are hiding in the shame of addiction, and they need freedom and wholeness. Take some time and watch these films. Then think of one person in your life that needs to watch them. Send it to them.

Plead with them to do something differently. There is a long list of organizations after each section that are working with human trafficking and sex addiction. Ask them to contact one of them. Again, we must DO something. It’s not enough to know.

You can view trailers, rent, or download Sex on Demand and 10 Seconds at www.10secondsmovie.com.

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