May 5, 2016

“So Many People Are Supporting The Cause” – Elle’s Story

Elle is a grassroots supporter of the movement to defend dignity and to end sexual exploitation. She recently contacted the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to share her story, and how attending  NCOSE’s Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit impacted her activism.

Elle’s Story:

I wrote a paper about pornography while I was in college, and at the same time, I met my husband who was struggling with a porn addiction. [My husband and I have] worked through a lot, and we’re now both committed to spreading awareness about the harm of pornography.

One of the main things I experienced at the [Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation] Summit was the revelation of how many people are actually fighting sexual exploitation. I had just begun to fight pornography, and at the time, I heard very little about the topic in general, but after the summit, I felt renewed, and excited to push forward, knowing so many people are supporting the cause.

I also appreciated the information we were able to take home. I’ve recently begun posting YouTube videos to raise awareness about the harms of sexual exploitation, and the books and information packets I left with have been invaluable resources for those videos.

We’ve shared our story at our home church, and are scheduled to speak at another this summer.

Elle Shares Her And Her Husband’s Story Here:

The next Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit will take place September 29 – October 1 2016 in Houston Texas. It will provide leaders and concerned citizens with training, networking, and strategy opportunities. To learn more, and to register, visit:

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