February 1, 2017

I Was Exposed to Pornography at my Neighbor’s House Around the Age of Ten

Personal testimony from a man who submitted his story

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I was exposed to pornography at my neighbor’s house around the age of ten.

My friend’s dad had all sorts of pornography on videos and in magazines. For my friend and I it started out as mere curiosity.

It eventually led to an addiction that influenced my decisions and thoughts.

Lust began to dominate my decisions and my outlook on women. Thankfully, I called on God to save me through Jesus Christ after hearing a message on 1 John 2:16. After I repented the bonds slowly began to lift and God began showing me a life of freedom from sin.

Still, it has taken years to cleanse my thoughts, and the temptation is still something I fight. I can definitely see how pornography degrades women into mere sex commodities.

We need to raise a new generation without this burden on them.

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