February 6, 2015

February 6 Prayer Alert

I hope this finds you well! Thank you again for your continuous prayers and support. Our team is so grateful to have such an encouraging group of supporters. Below, I have listed a few praise reports along with a few prayer requests. We ask that you keep us in prayer as you think of us throughout the week.

Praise Reports:

  • I am also excited to say that our campaign against Fifty Shades of Grey has picked up a lot of press recently. Fox News published an editorial written by Dawn (which you can view here) and we have had interviews with several news sources, two of which include Good Morning America and The Washington Times. We have received positive feedback from women all over the nation, encouraging our cause and supporting us to expose 50 Shades for its exploitative nature.

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer for funding is a continual need. We invite you to pray with us that God provides the resources necessary to accomplish our goals and projects this year.
  • While we have seen great success with our Fifty Shades of Grey campaign, we ask that you continue to pray for us as we proceed to combat the glamorization of sexual abuse and domestic violence. The film for this book will be released on Valentine’s Day, a week from today. We hope many women will pause to consider the harmful message that is being sent about sexuality and reconsider seeing the film.

God has been so faithful to our organization and we know He hears our prayers. Thank you again for supporting us and we look forward to updating you again soon!

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