October 17, 2016

Get Ready, WRAP Week is Almost Here

White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week is almost here! Always held the last Sunday of October through the following Sunday, this year WRAP Week runs from Oct—Nov 6.

This week of national activism and public education all started with one woman from Pennsylvania.

In 1987, Norma Norris heard a sermon about pornography delivered in her Catholic parishmim_wrap_2016_rev about how local prosecutors thought nobody cared about the hardcore pornography being sold in their community. Norma looked at the full pews in the church and said, “That can’t be; we’re here and we care!” Soon after, the idea of a simple white ribbon as a symbol of decency came to her. A movement was born!

Norma then worked to organize the first White Ribbon campaign. Ribbons were distributed; huge white bows were sent to the Governor and the Attorney General of Pennsylvania; petitions were signed; and a motorcade was organized. The highlight of the campaign was the bulldozing of a closed pornography bookstore.

What Can YOU Do During WRAP Week?

Nearly 30 years later, WRAP Week continues! From reaching out to your church, synagogue, book club, school, or civic group, as well as family and friends, there are plenty of audiences to engage. This is a great time to be creative and innovative. The sky is the limit! Thousands have participated by proudly wearing or displaying a white ribbon during the week. Other groups have organized protests, letter writing campaigns, call days, support meetings for addicts and their partners, group discussions, sermons at church, and school assemblies, etc. There are so many ways to get involved. This is an opportunity for YOU to be a leader in your local community.

Specific Things NCOSE is Providing for WRAP Week:

You can order postcards to send to Verizon asking them to stop selling pornography (supplies are limited). Or you can order DVDs from our shop for a film screening to help raise awareness.

You can ask your governor or mayor to make a press statement about WRAP Week and the public health crisis of pornography. In years past, some states have even passed resolutions publicly declaring WRAP Week. You can find our model WRAP Week declaration here.

You can also watch our free, live-streaming webinars throughout the week! Webinars NCOSE is facilitating include:

Just follow these links to watch the corresponding webinars. Make sure to tune in!

We can’t wait!

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