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By Joanne Giannini,

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What a seedy honor it is for According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), is one of the leading U.S websites for prostitution advertising. It has made NCSE’s dirty dozen list of leading companies and groups that contribute to and profit from sexual exploitation.

And has a lot to show for this. Here are just some of their many accomplishments.

 Ashely Masi Killed in Mt.Pleasant

A 24 year old woman, Ashley Masi was murdered in her apartment on 214-216 River Avenue in the Mt. Pleasant  section of Providence in March. She was the mother of twin 6 year old daughters and an infant. She was strangled in her apartment after advertising for escort services on

Daniel Tejeda, who is now being held at the Wyatt Detention Center on other unrelated charges, was charged with her murder and was indicted on July 2. Masi’s  apartment was just a few streets away from where I live. Her distraught mother said that she was posting an advertisement as an escort on that afternoon to make money. People think this can’t happen in their neighborhood but it does.

Brockton Mass Teen Says Boston Man was her pimp in Providence

A Brockton teenager testified in court last week that Troy Footman, 53 of Boston was her pimp when she was an exotic dancer at Cheaters Gentlemen club in Providence. She was only 15  years old when she and her friend, both runaways, met Footman  in December of 2012. Her friend was 14 years old when she started dating Footman.

The 15 year old teen testified that she was an exotic dancer at Cheaters Club in 2013 and Footman told  her and her friend  where they could perform sex acts for money in certain rooms of the club. After leaving the club, they would go back to Motel 6 in Seekonk, Mass. All three stayed in same room.

The teen also testified that Footman advertised her for sexual services and three other females on where they worked out of a hotel room in Westborough, Mass. Footman took all the money and gave  the girls money for food, clothes and a place to stay. What a sport he is. Footman has a record of pimping woman and exploiting underage girls. It’s time they lock  him up and throw away the key.

20 year old’s Body found in Garage in Cranston

Mary Grier posted an advertisement on as an escort in July if 2012. Mary agreed to meet James Adams, 34 who killed her, wrapping a ligature around her neck.

She was found five days later in a garage on Farmington avenue in Cranston, her body shoved behind a couch.

This predator is also accused of raping and robbing a woman at gunpoint in his father’s basement in Johnston after he  met the woman at a nightclub. He also is accused of assaulting another woman escort who advertised on outside the same Farmington avenue

Garage. You can’t make this stuff up. He is a sexual predator who uses as a tool to meet woman. And once is not enough. Predators like him keep repeating the same patterns of violent behavior and even murder. Maybe they can find a cage for him somewhere.

Unlicensed massage parlor shut down in Cranston

A massage parlor on Rolfe square was shut down on Thursday, after Cranston police found it to be unlicensed. Police also discovered an advertisement on saying they offer full body massages and stated  “Make you leave with a big smile.”

Kudos to the Cranston police for acting quickly to close them down. There were also anonymous tips alleging prostitution and illegal activity. continues to be a thorn in law enforcement’s side. It is the catalyst for sex trafficking, prostitution, rape and even murders. And it’s still not shut down.

Backpage offering free ads

In fact, is offering free ads in their adult section because American Express, MasterCard and Visa  will no longer be a part of their business. They will not accept any charges for payment from customers of They have joined the many others who are participating in a long term battle against the website.

Backpage may continue to exploit woman and children but the call for them to be shut down is growing stronger each day. Their backdoor pages are the tools and accessories of all sorts of sordid crimes. They are the epitome of slime and the destruction of life. How long can this continue?  Well, it will continue until everyone complains that they should be shut down.

The sex trafficking, rapes, murders, prostitution and exploitation of young underage girls in this country is growing. That should make  everyone shiver. You never know. It could be your daughter, sister, niece or family friend who is a victim. It’s a multi-million dollar sex industry that many are afraid to touch.

What’s it going to take to stop these advertisements on  Will it take an act of Congress, an act of good will or a politician with some guts to speak out?  One can only hope.

And I continue to hope.

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