Haley Halverson on EWTN
September 21, 2017

Haley Halverson Joins EWTN to Discuss Amending the CDA

Last night, our Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach Haley Halverson joined EWTN News Nightly and host Lauren Ashburn to discuss the sexual exploitation of boys and men.  She also explained what Congress can do to help prevent the sex trafficking of children and adults online.

Responding to a question about the alarming rates of sexual exploitation of boys in Halverson responded:

We’re seeing really an era of silence around the sexual exploitation of boys and men.  Society often promotes these myths that men or boys can’t be victims. They’re often met with more distrust than girls are when reporting those things.  So the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is launching a concerted effort to raise awareness around these issues.

Halverson also explained why Congress must amend section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Amending the law will better protect individuals from sex trafficking online.

The CDA is “basically giving broad immunity to websites that are knowingly facilitating trafficking of boys and girls online.”  The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has been vocal about the issue of amending the CDA. Our organization and anti sex trafficking groups are facing opposition from tech giants like Google and Facebook.

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