Highlights of the Upcoming CESE Summit: Part 2

The 2022 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Online Global Summit is only a few weeks away. Have you registered yet?

If you’re still on the fence about attending, we understand. After all, most of us are overwhelmed with busy schedules, tired of Zoom events after two years of COVID, and overall reluctant to give our time to yet another Zoom conference that we aren’t sure will be worth it.

But before you decide to let the CESE Summit pass you by, allow us to tell you a little more about what you’d be missing.

First: you needn’t take our word for it. Let’s see what some attendees of last year’s CESE Summit have to say:

  • “I’m overwhelmed by how informative and inspiring the summit has been for me. I didn’t have too many expectations at first, because in the past, online conferences have often left me exhausted and unconvinced. So, now I’m even more impressed and excited by how useful and empowering this experience has been.”
  • “Best conference of my life.”
  • “Wonderful! Up to date, relevant information from a variety of speakers covering many relevant topics.”
  • “This Summit was extraordinary with the bounds of insightful information and networking across the world.”

Second: allow us to offer you a sneak peek of some of the presentations you can look forward to at the 2022 Summit !

Male Sexual Exploitation: Demystifying its Nuances and Complexities 

In the movement to end sexual exploitation, the issue of male sexual exploitation is an often overlooked and poorly understood. An even-handed understanding of male sexual exploitation is frequently hampered by assumptions, shortfalls in empirical research, and gaps in knowledge stemming from the omission of survivor voices as lived experience experts. This panel will look at the biases and cultural aspects that frequently render invisible those who fall prey to male sexual exploitation. The intricate nuances and complexities of male sexual exploitation will be discussed from both a lived experience and empirical research perspective. Recommendations will be offered for a more inclusive approach to the broader sexual exploitation discourse – namely one where men are considered as co-creators of solutions, policymaking, and evidence-based practice.

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody: Who’s Responsible for Protecting Kids Online…and How

Technological advances have allowed for unprecedented levels of access to information, connection, creative freedom, and convenience. But with this progress has come many perils – especially for young people. Access by predators, pornography exposure, dangerous challenges, bullying, and the normalization (even glamorization) of grave harms such as suicide ideation, eating disorders, drug use, sexting, etc. are commonplace in the digital landscape. Yet children are by and large left to protect themselves from this onslaught of online threats. Even the most engaged and educated parents feel like they are fighting a losing battle trying to keep their kids safe. This panel of digital safety experts will elevate some of the current and emerging digital dangers facing youth, share promising practices to prepare children on their digital journey, discuss the role and responsibilities of tech companies to their young users, and give us hope through evidence that change – at the individual and systemic level – is possible. 

Resiliency: The Powerful Voice After Trauma

The complexity of human sex trafficking victims frequently stems from the abuse they experience while in captivity. The trauma they suffer bleeds into every aspect of their lives and can cause debilitating lifelong consequences. Resilience is a powerful tool used to combat trauma. Once a victim feels powerless due to victimization much painstaking effort is needed to overcome the trauma. This international panel of experts representing various forms of resilience from the arts to victim services will discuss numerous techniques of resiliency for personal or client use.

As Dr. Stephany Powell states: “We should be thriving, not surviving.”

You can see more highlights of the upcoming CESE Summit here.

We hope all this has whet your appetite and convinced you to give the 2022 CESE Summit a chance! We are confident that you won’t regret it. You can register for FREE here.

We look forward to seeing you November 8-10, and working with you to build a world free of sexual abuse and exploitation!

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NCOSE leads the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation with over 300 member organizations.


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Survivor Lawsuit Against Twitter Moves to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Survivors’ $12.7M Victory Over Explicit Website a Beacon of Hope for Other Survivors

Instagram Makes Positive Safety Changes via Improved Reporting and Direct Message Tools

Sharing experiences may be a restorative and liberating process. This is a place for those who want to express their story.

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