August 20, 2012

I’m a girl and got hooked when I was 10

If I could attach the 20 page story/memoir I have that explains this in great detail,
I would love to, however, I know that it won’t fit into this little box provided here.
Long story short; I am a 19 year old female that started looking up pornography
at 10-11 years old and finally conquered that terrible addiction shortly after my
19th birthday. It was a long, drawn-out battle that definitely hindered my first two
relationships and fucked me over in all ways possible (emotionally, mentally, and
spiritually). However, after living an entire life being an agnostic/atheist, I have
since the beginning of this year discovered God and relish in all of the Love that
He has for me. Ever since my conversion, I have finally stopped watching
pornography for good. Like I said, this is an extremely watered down version of
my life story. I would provide you my contact information but I have no idea what
you guys would do with it and how much you desire to hear the details of my
story (especially since we’re supposed to be anonymous). Please know that I
truly would *love* to share my experiences with people, however, for the sake of
this, I have to stay anonymous. I’m sorry for the inconvenience…

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