Millennials Making a Difference: Our Summer 2017 Interns

Every semester, new interns come to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to learn and to take part in the national movement to defend human dignity.

Internships at NCOSE provide energetic and highly motivated individuals the opportunity to address issues of sexual exploitation while gaining new skills through hands-on opportunities that seek to prevent exploitation before it begins, and which foster a national cultural that stands for freedom from sexual exploitation. Interns also enjoy abundant opportunities to meet nationally recognized leaders in the field of anti-sexual exploitation and attend education briefings.

We are proud to introduce our 2017 summer intern class. They have all made important additions to our work these last few months and we are sad to see them go.


Madeleine Ayers

Madeleine AyersMadeleine is a political and strategy intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Maddie moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a bachelor’s degree in politics at The Catholic University of America. Maddie has focused her studies on American government and law. Her previous experiences working with the Florida legislature have proven helpful in researching for NCOSE and navigating Capitol Hill. In her free time Maddie enjoys exploring new restaurants in the city and visiting museums with her friends. Though Maddie already resides in Washington, D.C., her experience as an intern was still full of new life experiences.

She said, “During my time at NCOSE I have gained a whole new perspective on the issue of sexual exploitation. Through doing research, writing blogs, and visiting Capitol Hill I have gained invaluable experience that will be useful in all my future endeavors.”


Margo Davison

Margo Davison is a communications intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She is width= currently earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At UNC, Margo works at the Mother-Infant Bonding Research Center and is a member of the Christian sorority, Phi Beta Chi. Margo is passionate about combating pornography, prostitution, human trafficking, and other dehumanizing activities. She plans to pursue a career in Law Enforcement after college. In her free time, Margo enjoys being involved with her church, spending time with her six sisters and brother, shopping, and socializing with friends.

Speaking of her internship experience, Margo said, “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to assist in the important work of combating sexual exploitation by working at NCOSE. While interning, I was able to significantly increase my knowledge on this issue our country is facing and am confident that it will enable me to continue to fight against it in my daily life. Being able to experience first-hand the important and impactful work that NCOSE does has been truly inspirational.”


Ben Forsgren

 width=Ben is a Political and Strategy intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Ben is a senior at Brigham Young University where he is earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with minors in Philosophy and International Strategy and Diplomacy. Prior to coming to NCOSE, Ben helped lead BYU’s Anti-Human Trafficking Club as an Executive Officer and was a founding member of Utah’s Trafficking in Person’s Higher Education Subcommittee. Ben’s involvement in Utah’s anti-human trafficking efforts lead him to be nominated for a Truman Scholarship for which he qualified as a finalist. In his spare time, Ben enjoys playing chess, volunteering with his church, eating out, and spending time with family.

Looking back over his internship, Ben commented that, “NCOSE gave me the opportunity to meaningfully contribute in the fight against sexual exploitation. My time as an intern gave me invaluable training in research and writing as well as the chance to lead and participate in interesting and important projects throughout the summer. I’m inspired by the work NCOSE does and am grateful to have been a part of it.”


Kimberlee Tinio Forsgren

Kimberlee Tinio Forsgren is a communications intern at the National Center on Sexual  width=Exploitation. She is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in English at Brigham Young University (BYU) with a minor in Digital Humanities and Technology. Kimberlee’s interest in activism has flourished since she joined BYU’s Anti-Human Trafficking Club at the beginning of 2016, where she has donated her creative talents and efforts to raising awareness about this important issue, and continues in her work at NCOSE. In her spare time, Kimberlee enjoys doing freelance graphic design, cooking, and spending time with her husband, Ben, who is also an intern at NCOSE. Skilled in both graphic design and writing, Kimberlee was a busy and highly contributing member of the intern team.

Of her experience, she said, “My experience at NCOSE has been very valuable. Some of the aspects of the internship that I enjoyed most were gaining hands-on experience in multiple areas of interest and working with many amazing people who are passionate about ending sexual exploitation.”


Kellie Hoch

 width=Kellie is a public health intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University and graduating in August 2017. Kellie is studying public health with an emphasis in health promotion and a minor in family life. She graduated from high school in West Jordan, Utah, with an associate degree. Kellie became interested in preventing sexual exploitation through her health coursework and through conducting research while at BYU. In her spare time, Kellie enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, and trying new foods.

When asked about her internship experience, Kellie said, “Working at NCOSE has been an incredible experience. I have learned so much about the harmful impacts of all forms of sexual exploitation and how they all connect and exacerbate each other. Witnessing the drive and passion of the NCOSE staff has been inspiring, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have met them.”


Hannah Murphy

Hannah is a political and strategy intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She recently width= graduated from Ohio University with a major in Sociology/Criminology and a Psychology minor. Hannah’s interest for this critical issue regarding sexual exploitation was sparked through internships at a special docket court in Ohio, and during the time she spent interning at a Child Advocacy Center. In her free time, Hannah enjoys exploring new places, spending time with her friends, and trying new foods.

Hannah nicely summarized her internship experience by saying, “What I enjoyed the most about working at NCOSE was being surrounded by coworkers who were passionate about ending all forms of sexual exploitation. It was an amazing feeling being able to make an impact directly or indirectly with Congress and major corporations asking them to make changes in their policy to eliminate sexual exploitation.”

The staff at NCOSE wishes these young people all the best as they set out to make their mark on the world!

If you or someone you know are interested in internship at NCOSE, please visit our website for more details on how to apply. NCOSE is currently accepting applications for spring, summer, and fall 2018 internship positions.

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