National Center on Sexual Exploitation and the international web of sexual exploitation
June 12, 2015

Is the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) a “Conservative Religious” Organization?

Short answer: No.

At the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), we firmly believe that the fight to end sexual abuse and exploitation is nonsectarian and nonpartisan. We do not identify in any way as a conservative or a religious organization. In fact, our organization does not land anywhere on the political or religious spectrum. Instead, we span the entirety of the ideological spectrum.

We are a human rights organization. Period.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian human rights NGO because the fight to end sexual exploitation knows no political or religious borders. The inherent harms and oppression of sexual abuse and exploitation impact people regardless of their age, sex, nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, or creed.

Our primary goal in leading the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation is to unite individuals and organizations, regardless of political or religious affiliations, as we work together to oppose sexual abuse and exploitation in all its forms. We strongly believe—and the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation stands as just one form of proof of this—that the movement to end sexual exploitation is powered by a diverse range of advocates who each hold to their own unique political and personal perspectives on a variety of issues while uniting around the belief that no human being should be sexually exploited. We successfully achieve extraordinary results because our organization and the movement at large are comprised of advocates who identify with and represent myriad social, political, and religious backgrounds.

It is not “conservative” to believe the fact-based science and real-life experiences of myriad victims that prove pornography and prostitution are inherently harmful. Neither is it “liberal” or “libertarian” to dismiss or ignore the science and lived experiences. Being pro-pornography or pro-prostitution isn’t “enlightened,” “progressive,” or “freedom-loving,” but is instead regressive, pro-oppression, and pro-violence. To defend pornography or prostitution is to be anti-woman and anti-human rights in general. 

Pornography, prostitution, and all forms of commercial sexual exploitation are quite literally designed to feed on and profit from the sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable human beings—women, children, and minority populations (including LGBTQ+ individuals) being foremost among their targets and victims.

The inalienable human rights of dignity and freedom from sexual abuse and exploitation are neither political nor partisan. To stand up against pornography, prostitution, and all other forms of sexual exploitation is to stand up for human rights.

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