Your voice—your story—matters.

It can be painful to share stories of sexual exploitation or harm, and sometimes it’s useful to focus on personal healing first. But for many, sharing their past or current experiences may be a restorative and liberating process.

This is a place for those who want to express their story.

All are welcome to share.

Whether you have been harmed in any way from prostitution, sexual abuse or violence, sex trafficking, sexual objectification, the creation or consumption of pornography, etc. it is our hope that these true life accounts can make a difference:

  • Personal stories help elected and business leaders to see the grave harm associated with this material and can be very helpful in getting them to change their policies.
  • It is often helpful in the healing process to talk about our own abuse, even if we do so anonymously.
  • Unfortunately, many others have been hurt in deep, deep ways and feel alone in their suffering. Reading accounts from others can help them to move forward in their healing as well.

Stories submitted to NCOSE will be shared across multiple platforms anonymously unless otherwise requested. Please email your story to or fill out this form.

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Exposed to Pornified Content in a Videogame, Now She’s Speaking Up

Personal testimony submitted to NCOSE to be shared. I would like to share my story with pornography and how easily I stumbled into it as a child in the hopes that it can help people see why children should be protected from the dangers of pornography.  I was reminded of my experience when I was […]

Sexual Exploitation: The Story of Two Boys

This is the story of two boys – one named Tim and the other, “Charlotte.” TIM Tim, from the UK, got addicted to internet porn at a young age. He contacted me on our Facebook page three years ago and just said, “HELP! I am addicted to pornography; my life is ruined and I tried […]

Boys and Men Suffer, Too. It’s Time to Give Them a Voice.

Two years ago, I spoke at a press conference on the sexual objectification of girls through mainstream mediums like Cosmopolitan Magazine. I returned to the office high on adrenaline from a successful and well-covered event and then got two calls that changed my perspective greatly. THE PHONE CALLS The first was a young man in […]

REPORT: Fighting Exploitation in Budapest

I just returned from a week in Budapest, Hungary where I got to speak at three different events about the harms of pornography and its connection to other forms of sexual exploitation. It was quite a moving experience! Some of you know that my journey in fighting sexual exploitation actually began because of the year […]

abused in a religious home

Adopted and Abused in a Religious Home: A Survivor’s Story

Personal testimony from a woman who submitted her experience of child-on-child sexual abuse to be shared. I’m a Korean adult adoptee. I cut off communication with my adoptive family 9 yrs ago. I flew to the states and my new family at age 6, but cannot remember the first 2 yrs of happiness because of what happened […]

brother ali rapper

This Rapper’s New Song Takes an Unexpected Stance against Pornography

While other rappers often glorify pornography and the degradation of women in their music, one rapper is raising a warning voice. In his new song “The Bitten Apple,” a track from his recently released LP All the Beauty in This Whole Life, rapper Brother Ali openly addresses the dark side of pornography addiction that many […]

Chris Rock Reveals Past Pornography Addiction During Stand-Up Comedy Tour

Chris Rock, a popular stand-up comedian, is drawing large crowds for his current “Total Blackout” comedy tour. The routine is reportedly filled with Rock’s typical timely material, from discussing Donald Trump to teaching his daughters about racism. What the audience couldn’t have anticipated, however, was Chris Rock’s reference to past pornography addiction. During his routine, Rock spoke […]

ARTICLE: My porn use has destroyed my sex life

Original Post: Irish Times Ever since I started my sex life, I have had a hard time maintaining a strong erection for penetration and I eventually lose it. It happened with my first encounter with my ex and we never got to sort it out with her (we tried a couple of times). Our intimacy […]

Concerned Mom alerts NCOSE to the pornography available through EBSCO Database to middle schoolers

I am a retired PhD Immunologist living in Colorado and have followed your work. I have become aware of a situation that might be of interest to you. My daughter attends a public middle school, which uses electronic resources for student work. There is pornography embedded in our school’s subscriber resources, which are purchased through […]

Even Though I Gave a Verbal “No” to Specific Requests, He Did Them Anyway

Personal testimony from a woman who submitted her story to be shared with others. I am a young woman who met a man in college whom I thought I would marry; I left the relationship because of his addiction to pornography, escalating sexual relationships with other women, and sexual assault of me. When I met this […]

Sexually Abused by a Neighbor

Personal testimony from an individual who submitted their story to be shared with others.   I was sexually abused at the age of 6 by a neighbor who was hooked to pornographic magazines.   Resources For Those Sexually Abused By A Neighbor Or Dealing With Any Form Of Sexual Abuse: National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE […]

I Was Exposed to Pornography at my Neighbor’s House Around the Age of Ten

Personal testimony from a man who submitted his story to be shared with others. I was exposed to pornography at my neighbor’s house around the age of ten. My friend’s dad had all sorts of pornography on videos and in magazines. For my friend and I it started out as mere curiosity. It eventually led to […]

I Lost My Best Friend, My First Love, Because of Porn

Personal testimony from a woman who submitted her story to be shared with others. We met and immediately hit it off. We talked, supported, encouraged one another. We both had insecurities and past hurts. I had absolutely no idea what it was he was hiding. We got closer and a little over a year we started […]

One Man’s Story of Porn Addiction and Hope for Recovery

Personal testimony from a man who submitted his story of addiction and recovery to be shared with others. I started watching porn at 10 years old. Back then it was on dial up internet, with no “parental controls” or filters. They just didn’t exist. So, any kid could just find pornography like I did. This continued […]

[VIDEO] Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out About the Link Between Pornography and Her Sexual Abuse

Watch Elizabeth Smart’s Video Here: In a world exclusive interview with Fight the New Drug, Elizabeth Smart opens up for the first time about the role pornography played in her abuse. To learn more about the impact pornography has on sexual violence and public health, visit our page on the public health crisis of pornography.

Bethany Shares Her Story: It’s Not Just a “Guy Problem”

Twenty-four-year-old Bethany MacDonald says it isn’t just men who suffer because of online pornography. She says she became addicted and was unable to have relationships because of it. Watch Her Explanation Here: Bethany told BBC she first saw it when she was nine years old. She said she became afraid of relationships and was watching it two […]

“These Videos Put my Life at Risk” – a Sri Lankan Journalist Targeted with Porn Shaming

I am Dilshy Banu, and I am a victim of a unique form of revenge porn [also known as “porn shaming.”] I was once a journalist for the Sunday Times in my native country of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful nation that I’ve always felt proud of, and I’ve strived to use my writing […]

“So Many People Are Supporting The Cause” – Elle’s Story

Elle is a grassroots supporter of the movement to defend dignity and to end sexual exploitation. She recently contacted the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to share her story, and how attending  NCOSE’s Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit impacted her activism. Elle’s Story: I wrote a paper about pornography while I was in college, […]

First Waver: Barbara Hattemer

One woman was able to stop a major pornographer in his tracks. Barbara Hattemer‘s story shows how practical, community-based efforts to defend dignity can produce inspiring results. Barbara founded a Florida chapter of Morality In Media (NCOSE’s previous name) in Naples during the early 1980s. She worked to make sure a strict city ordinance was […]

First Waver: Dr. James Dobson

The man who declared that, “Pornography is a winnable war.”   For decades, James Dobson, PhD, the founder of Focus on the Family, has been a leading, many would say, “the leading,” advocate for the family in America. Presciently, he saw the influence that pornography had on family life and warned more than three decades […]

First Waver: Elaine Murhammer

A local activist who made good things happen. Elaine Murhammer is a passionate citizen who had a vision for something better in her community and brought that vision to fruition. She served as a secretary/treasurer for the Louisiana chapter of Morality in Media in the 1960’s. By developing strong relationships with legislators and local law […]

First Waver: Bruce Taylor

A man who believes that pornographers must not be allowed to control your life or your community.   Bruce Taylor is the most prolific obscenity prosecutor in America. Between 1973 and 2005, he prosecuted nearly 100 state and federal obscenity jury cases, as well as another 100 jury trials on such crimes as prostitution, child […]

First Waver: Judith Reisman, Ph.D.

The woman who exposed Alfred Kinsey. The unique research of Judith Reisman, PhD, is causing a reexamination of the very basis of the so-called Sexual Revolution. She conclusively demonstrated the flaws in Alfred Kinsey’s research that, until Dr. Reisman’s research, stood as “Gospel truth” to many. Dr. Reisman highlighted the indefensible Kinsey sexual experiments on […]

First Waver: Andrea Dworkin

A radical feminist who led the charge against pornography.   Andrea Rita Dworkin is known as one of the strongest feminists who opposed pornography. Tragically, she was molested as a young girl, and married into an abusive relationship. Such personal experiences fueled her writer’s pen and she authored many influential books and articles opposing pornography […]

“Never Give Up.” A College Student Shares Her Inspirational Story

By Nicole Dailey Sexually abused as a little girl. Behavior issues in elementary school. Anti-social childhood. Constantly fearful and frequently suicidal at age ten. A teenager full of anxiety. Panic attacks first year of college. Nervous breakdown age 19. Hope lost. Can’t handle life. That is my story. But not all of it. Here is […]

Vanna White Regrets Appearing on the Cover of Playboy Magazine

The Wheel of Fortune icon, Vanna White, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show recently and confessed that she regrets her 1987 cover on the magazine Playboy. “I wasn’t on there because I wanted to be,” She admitted. “When I moved to Hollywood I was too embarrassed to ask my dad for money for rent. I […]

These Five Teenagers Are Working to Eliminate Groping at Concerts

Groping and sexual assaults at concerts is not a new problem. But these five teenagers who created the group Girls Against are finding new and creative solutions. Ages 15 to 17, Hannah, Anna, Anni, Bea, and Ava are best friends from the UK who have decided to take a stand. After hearing about their growing […]

VIDEO: Sex Trafficked Into Porn, The Story of Renee and Hailey

Nita Belles, author and Managing Director of In Our Backyard, shares the story of Hailey and Renee, two women who were sex trafficked into pornography through coercion and debt bondage in the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s latest video. In addition to cases of coercion and debt bondage, women involved in the production of “mainstream” […]

A WRAP Week Message From Uganda

This is my 2nd year since I joined the Movement Against Sexual Exploitation and to be honest every day is a new day for me. Every E-mail that I receive from NCOSE either teaches me something or empowers me for something. This week I received an e-mail reminding me about the WRAP week. Since I did not […]

Personal Story: John

Read a personal testimony from John, a man who wrestled with porn and found love from Jesus Christ in his exploration of breaking free from this addiction.

Personal Story: David

I was addicted to porn for 37 years and by the grace of God the chains were broke at the age of 44. At the age of 7 I looked at a pornography magazine for the first time on 9th street in Boca Raton, Florida. Kids from the neighborhood had found the magazines from their father’s […]

Personal Story: Anna

“…to say that pornography is a gateway drug is beyond minimal.” -Anna

Former sex trade worker fighting trafficking in oil patch (Miami Herald)

By Sharon Cohen 03/08/2015 Associated Press WILLISTON, N.D. – When she first arrived in town, Windie Lazenko headed to the neon-lit strip clubs and bars catering to lonely oil field workers with extra cash and time on their hands. She knew these were likely gathering spots for the sex trade — the life she’d given up […]

A Letter to the Man on the Other Side of the Screen

Dear Man on the Other Side of the Screen, I don’t know who you are, what you do, your marital status or if you are a parent. What I do know is that I am a human, a real person. I am someone’s daughter, a student and lady, but most of all, I KNOW I […]

Love, Trust, And Truth: Talking About Pornography When You’re Dating

SA Lifeline Foundation has developed a tool to help single adults understand how to navigate the impact of pornography on their relationships. “Love, Trust, And Truth: Talking About Pornography When You’re Dating” is a downloadable packet that addresses the issues of dating in a pornified world. Dating can be complicated, and pornography has made it even […]

Personal: 50 Shades Proposition

I feel compelled to tell people about what happened tonight. We were working at Full Moon BBQ in Fultondale, AL when a regular customer comes in. I nicely asked how he was doing while he was coming in through the front door. He responded with “Good. I would be even better if I could kidnap […]

International Women’s Day: Defend Dignity

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to observe the great strides gender equality has made throughout history and to highlight the issues that still need improvement. Women in the United States enjoy more freedoms than ever before. However, some areas need to be addressed for the safety and equality of the future […]

Action: Ask Advertisers Not To Purchase Ad Time From Sex Box

Last week, over 38,000 signatures were handed to WE tv as a petition against Sex Box, to stop airing the show. This week, we are reaching out to potential advertisers to show WE tv that advertisers won’t pay to air on indecent television! Join us, alongside Parents Television Council and One Million Moms, in asking potential advertisers, […]

An Open Letter to Russell Brand on the Detriments of Pornography

Following the recent release of a video by actor/comedian Russell Brand, which explains many of the harms of pornography use, Dr. Jill C. Manning and Dr. Gary R. Brooks, have written an open letter to Brand “wholeheartedly” thanking him for his shedding light on such an important issue. Dr. Manning, a Licensed Marriage and Family […]

Barnes and Noble: An Adult Bookstore?

Sports Illustrated recently published its raciest Swimsuit Edition cover to date, and Barnes & Noble has no qualms about displaying it prominently in their stores. This year’s cover features model Hannah Davis and advertises anything but the swimsuit she’s wearing, or rather practically not wearing. The cover draws particular attention to the model’s pubic area as she nearly pulls down her bathing suit bottom. Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition is known for its soft porn images, but the magazine is really pushing the envelope on this one.