January 20, 2015

Jan 20 Prayer Alert

Thank you for being a part of our prayer team. We have a lot happening with the start of the new year, so we greatly appreciate your support and dedication to lift us up in prayer! We plan to send you prayer alerts for things that would help our organization and this movement about twice a month. Thank you for your willingness to include this important work in your prayers.

Needs for this week:

  1. We are launching the 2015 Dirty Dozen List, the top 12 leading contributors of sexual exploitation and pornography. Tomorrow morning, we are holding a press conference to announce this year’s list, inviting press and supporting organizations to take part. We ask for prayer that the event tomorrow will be a success and our work will inspire changes in corporate and public policies.
  2. We are currently launching our campaign against Fifty Shades of Grey, a book series and movie that glamorizes sexual abuse and domestic violence. Please pray for us and our efforts as we work to change public opinion on Fifty Shades and help people consider the harmful messages it sends to audiences.
  3. We are transitioning into the new name of our organization, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. We ask that you pray for wisdom and inspiration for our team as we bring our message to a wider audience to combat the societal affects of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation.
  4. With the help of our faithful donors, we have been so blessed to hire two new staff members on our team! Hillary is assisting with administrative work, Congressional efforts and special projects. Amanda is our new Communications Director. We also welcomed three interns to our team, Hailey, Kelly and Sarah who will be with us for the next three months. We are grateful for their much-needed help in this fight! We are asking for prayers that they will have the strength, courage and inspiration to carry out this important work.Praise be to God, who is growing our staff and our effectiveness on the issue! THANK YOU for your help, faith and prayers!

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