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August 30, 2017

Join the Back to School Campaign for Porn-Free Schools

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As children head back to school this fall, all of us want to be assured our kids will be in safe environments, right? None of us would want our children introduced to addictive substances like cigarettes or drugs in school, and the same goes for sexually exploitative materials.

Yet, children across the nation, in both public and private schools are susceptible to exposure to sexually exploitive materials.  This is a national outrage! This exposure could damage children’s intellectual development or mislead them to believe sexual violence or lack of consent are acceptable.

We want schools to acknowledge and fix three major problems as children go back to school:

1. Inadequate, or non-existent, computer and Wi-Fi filters;
2. Inadequate, or non-existent, filters to block pornography on school-owned devices like iPads or laptops;
3. Online school databases (like EBSCO) that expose children to pornography and normalize sexually violent and risky acts.

Over the next two weeks, we hope you’ll join us and help us amplify the message to schools: Protect our children from sexually exploitive material!

This is how you can help:

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Send this packet of information to your local Parent Teacher Association/Organization!

Children should not have to worry about being exposed to pornography or articles normalizing incest and sexual violence when they are doing their homework on a school-approved device!
Please join us and take action! Learn more at

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