comcast twitter storm
January 30, 2018

Join the #CleanUpComcast Twitter Storm With One Click

Comcast really hates to get bad reviews via social media. Make sure they hear us loud & clear that Comcast profiting from racist, incest, and teen-themed pornography and sexual exploitation is not ok!

Bombard them on Twitter with #CleanUpComcast and let us know if you get any replies from them! Twitter: @ncose, Email:

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As society fights sexual assault, racism, and abuse @comcast encourages these harms through the distribution of porn with these themes Click To Tweet Sexual violence in our society flourishes with unprecedented access to hardcore pornography provided by distributors like @comcast Click To Tweet .@DanHerscovici Xfinity porn contains incest, racism, sexism, and abuse which promotes violence towards women and children in our society Click To Tweet .@juanoterodc Is @comcast porn breaking obscenity laws? U.S. law prohibits distributing obscene matter by cable or subscription on TV Click To Tweet Porn provided by @comcast cable promotes exploitation through themes such as incest, sex trafficking, racism, and abuse @samschwartz Click To Tweet .@mariagarias1 stand up against the hardcore porn provided by @comcast which includes themes that promote discrimination and racism Click To Tweet .@comcast says that success is a result of “doing the right thing and treating people the right way” yet continues distributing hardcore porn Click To Tweet Tell @comcast they must start to make up for years of alliance with the porn industry by dropping Xfinity porn Click To Tweet .@comcast Xfinity pornography likely violates U.S. law which prohibits distribution of obscene matter by cable or subscription services on TV Click To Tweet By providing porn involving incest, sex trafficking, racism, physical abuse, and degradation @comcast is participating in these harms Click To Tweet .@comcast is on the 2018 Dirty Dozen List because they distribute hardcore porn with raw, brutal, debasing, violent, and hate-filled themes Click To Tweet Sexual exploitation cannot be fought without combatting the distribution of hardcore porn by companies such as @comcast Click To Tweet Striving to provide users with a range of programming options is no excuse to promote programs involving incest, abuse, and racism @comcast Click To Tweet

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