August 21, 2018

Join Our #BackToSchool Campaign on Twitter

Our Back to School Campaign is raising awareness about inadequate or non-existent filters in schools, which often expose children to pornography. The campaign outlines various actions you can take to become education about the issue and demand change. You can learn more about our campaign here.

One way that you can make a difference is sharing these tweets on social media to raise awareness about porn in schools:

Learn the truth about porn in schools #BackToSchool Click To Tweet Inadequate filters in schools are exposing kids to porn #BackToSchool Click To Tweet Easy access to porn on school devices creates a culture of sexual harassment #BackToSchool Click To Tweet What’s on your kid’s laptop? Nonexistent filters expose kids to porn at school #BackToSchool Click To Tweet Most libraries don’t have filters on their computers to prevent people from looking at porn #BackToSchool Click To Tweet All children deserve a safe learning environment free from the risk of seeing porn #BackToSchool Click To Tweet Schools should educate children, not create addictions. Porn is an ever-increasing problem in schools #BackToSchool Click To Tweet Fighting porn in schools starts with you. Learn what you can do to fight porn in schools #BackToSchool Click To Tweet Reach out to your local school’s PTA and get educated about porn in schools #BackToSchool Click To Tweet School filters aren’t blocking porn, which normalizes sexual violence #BackToSchool Click To Tweet


Brynne Townley


Brynne Townley is a junior at Brigham Young University studying Political Science and Women’s Studies. She lived in Uruguay for a year and a half as a volunteer worker for her church, and she spent a summer studying at the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about women’s rights and the prevention of sexual exploitation. After graduation, she plans to pursue a graduate degree to enable her to continue advocating for marginalized groups. She enjoys reading, watching movies with her family, and traveling.

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