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We’ve all been there. Stuck in a checkout lane at our favorite retailer or grocery chain just trying to pick up some necessities, when it hits us: yet another Cosmopolitanmagazine cover featuring a hypersexualized cover model and with headlines shouting out degrading messages about sex. There’s no way to escape the pornified imagery and messages.

Well, in case you haven’t heard we’ve got big news: Walmart is in the process of pulling Cosmo from checkout lanes in its 5000+ stores across the country! The magazine will still be sold, but in the magazine section of stores, NOT in checkout lanes. Already many Walmart checkout lanes across the country are Cosmo free. This is a major victory in the fight for sexploitation free checkout lanes!

But getting Cosmo removed from Walmart checkout lanes is only part of the battle. We need your help in the public relations battle that has kicked up since this story made the national news.

Cosmopolitan is trending on Twitter and news outlets from across the country are covering the story. Our own Haley Halverson was interviewed for a Today show segment which aired this morning. But as you can imagine, some of the press and social media coverage is disparaging and flat out erroneous. This is where you can play an important role!

  1. Visit our Walmart page to get background information and go to the “Take Action” section and fill in the form to post a thank you message via Twitter or Facebook.
  2. Post at least one Facebook or Tweet per day between now and April 4 (the kick off date for the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit). Sample posts are below.  
  3. Visit your local Walmart. Ask to speak to the store manager. Thank them personally for Walmart’s decision to remove Cosmo and for creating a sexploitation free checkout experience!
This is what real change looks like in our #MeToo culture! Thank you @Walmart for #Cosmopolitan free checkout lanes! #WomenNotObjects #GoodMove #ThanksWalmart @ncose Click To Tweet Corporate social responsibility in action: @Walmart removes #Cosmopolitan from checkout lanes! #ThanksWalmart for advancing a sexploitation free world! #WomenNotObjects #CosmoHurtsKids @ncose Click To Tweet exual objectification fuels sexual harassment and violence. #ThanksWalmart for taking corporate social responsibility by removing #Cosmopolitan from checkout lanes! #MeToo #WomenNotObjects #CosmoHurtsKids @ncose Click To Tweet #Sexploitation free checkout lanes now appearing @Walmart! #ThanksWalmart for removing #Cosmopolitan. Glad to shop at a retailer which rejects sexual objectification of women. #GoodMove #CosmoHurtsKids #WomenNotObjects @ncose Click To Tweet Checkout lines at @Walmart just became a lot more comfortable for families and shoppers who don’t appreciate sexualized content with their candy bars. No more @Cosmo in checkout lines. Go find it in the back of the store Click To Tweet Readers are picking up @Cosmopolitan thinking they will find stories about celebrities or relationships and are bombarded with stories like ““I Hired a Hooker with My Husband Click To Tweet [email protected] ’s notion that they’re parading a “different kind of porn” is pure fantasy created by pimps and traffickers, or as Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy coined it, “Playboy Feminism™.” Click To Tweet Let’s get one thing straight: no industry based on an individual being sexually exploited, objectified, and often assaulted, for another individual’s pleasure can be rightly considered “ethical.” Click To Tweet [email protected] magazine hounds American shoppers from grocery store checkout lanes with covers that pronounce the latest in recycled sex tricks and that flaunt hypersexualized and objectified cover models over and over again.”… Click To Tweet

Walmart Stands Against #MeToo Culture









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