September 20, 2018

Join us in the battle against Big Tech on sex trafficking

Remember that HUGE victory we all had earlier this year when Congress passed new, critical legislation known as FOSTA-SESTA to curb online sex trafficking? What a high that was!

Except, now, we’re battling BIG TECH again. This time they are spearheading a policy laundering initiative which stealthily incorporates old Section 230-like language into NAFTA! If the old Section 230-like language remains in the trade deal, the tech sector will not only succeed in doing an end run around Congress’ express legislative intent, but also create legal confusion about the enforcement of FOSTA-SESTA in the U.S., and export to Mexico, and potentially Canada, the very intermediary immunity that for years shielded the U.S. kingpins of online sex trafficking from civil liabilities and state criminal prosecutions.

A coalition of anti-trafficking groups has been working behind the scenes for months on this, but at this stage, we remain deeply concerned that the U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has not addressed this issue.

Thank you for standing with us to stop the export of immunity for sex trafficking websites!

Action Items:

Share this Op-Ed from The Hill: NAFTA Negotiations Could Make Sexual Violence America’s Top Export

Share this letter from dozens of Survivors and Movement Leaders

Email the U.S. Trade office at

Contact Your Member of Congress

Contact any elected officials you know in Mexico or Canada

Share the below social media graphics & Tweets


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@USTradeRep: Sex trafficking is not an U.S. export. Remove #Section230 language from #NAFTA. #NoEndRun #StopOnlineSexTrafficking #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe Click To Tweet


@CanadaTrade: Don’t allow U.S. language decriminalizing online sex trafficking in #NAFTA. Say no to the U.S. export of sex trafficking websites! #NoEndRun #StopOnlineSexTrafficking #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe Click To Tweet


@IvankaTrump: Please don’t allow language decriminalizing sex trafficking websites in #NAFTA. Say no to the U.S. export of sex trafficking websites! #NoEndRun #StopOnlineSexTrafficking #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe Click To Tweet @MxUSTrade: Tell @USTradeRep to remove language exporting online sex trafficking to Mexico. No immunity for sex trafficking websites in #NAFTA! #NoEndRun #StopOnlineSexTrafficking #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe Click To Tweet

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