April 5, 2012

Lessons Learned At Boy Scout Camp Lead To Abuse of 3 1/2 year old

November 28, 2011

I wanted to share that I recently received a call from a close friend who has a 12 year-old son.

She just found out her son was exposed to pornography at Boy Scout Camp.  Another child brought along his iPad and accessed a porn site.

My friend only became aware of this incident last week.  Her ex-husband knew of the event but didn’t inform her.  Sadly, the 12 year-old asked his 3 ½ year-old step-sister to do oral sex – as a result of what he viewed.

Now there are counselors involved and upheaval in the family.  The 12 year-old had enough stress with the divorce pain to this horrible event.

I sent my friend to the MIM article that will be in the Salvation Army magazine.  It is just hear-wrenching that two children are scarred from this and a family that was not very stable to begin with has to deal with it.

This child’s father has sever anger management problems – so sever that family counselors refuse to work with him and attorney quit on him in the divorce proceedings.  I can’t imagine how he will deal with this and I fear for the child and how he will be treated.

I don’t think I could sleep at night unless I felt that I have tried to raise awareness to prevent this kind of situation.

I am grateful to MIM for staying ever-present in the defense of innocence.  God bless all your efforts and those who help in their communities.  It does make a difference.




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