May 8, 2015

May 8th Prayer Alert

Thank you once again for your continual prayers. It has been a great week filled with encouraging news! Below are a few updates:

♦ This week, we had the privilege of meeting with one of the executives from Hilton Hotels. Because of the thousands of emails, calls and letters the CEO’s have been receiving, Hilton has decided to move in the direction of phasing out the availability of pornography in their hotel rooms.

♦ In addition to the meeting with Hilton, our staff also had the opportunity to attend the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast yesterday. This was a wonderful time to share with other attendees what we have been working on and how they can join the movement.

♦ Please pray for our staff as we hire for a few new positions. It is an exciting time of transition and we are hopeful for what God has in store during these next few months.

♦ Finally, please pray for a few major events that we are preparing for. We are planning for a Capitol Hill briefing in July and our annual Summit in September.

Join us in praising God for the opportunity to meet with Hilton Hotels and attend the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast this week. In addition, let’s pray together for our open staff positions and our preparation for the events that are ahead.

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