Meet the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Spring 2020 Interns and International Fellow

Internships at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation provide energetic and highly motivated individuals the opportunity to address issues of sexual abuse and exploitation while gaining new skills through hands-on opportunities that seek to prevent exploitation before it begins, and which foster a national culture that stands for freedom from sexual exploitation.

Sexual Justice Advocate Interns also enjoy abundant opportunities to meet nationally recognized leaders in the field of anti-sexual exploitation and attend education briefings.

Meet our Spring 2020 interns and fellows!

Shannon Pugh, Public Health Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationShannon Pugh, Public Health Intern – “As a public health major, I have spent the majority of my education and adult life studying issues regarding morals, health, and the well-being of other people. The more I have learned, the more my desire has compounded to be part of something bigger that advocates for those who don’t necessarily possess the voice to do so themselves. I worked at a residential treatment center for teenage girls for over a year and during my time I saw firsthand the devastation and harm caused by the issues that the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is working to stop. Many of the girls had been the receivers, both first and second-hand, of the negative consequences brought about by sexual exploitation and its related issues. I have always had a desire to be a force for positive change, and since leaving my job at the treatment center, I’ve looked for opportunities that give me the chance to do so. I firmly value the right every individual has to lead a life free from objectification and exploitation of any form. I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to work with the National Center’s team in the fight against sexual exploitation!”

Jordan Marshall, Public Health Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationJordan Marshall, Public Health Intern – “As a public health student at Brigham Young University, I have studied health issues facing various populations. Through my coursework I have developed an interest in advocacy for vulnerable populations and I am excited to apply this knowledge at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation! I look forward to learning more about the health issues facing sexually exploited populations in my time at the organization. I have personally seen the harms that pornography can have on the lives and families of those who use it, which has increased my dedication to the National Center’s mission of ending pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation. I am interested in learning more about the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s efforts to expose the interconnections between all forms of sexual exploitation and I am excited to work with all the dedicated and passionate team members at the organization.”

Blake Rose, Public Policy Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationBlake Rose, Public Policy Intern – Blake Rose is a senior at Calvin University, with a major in political science and a minor in psychology. Blake’s desire to intern with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation arose from several research papers he has done over the last three years. Throughout Blake’s research on topics ranging from the effects of pornography on the human brain to human trafficking in the United States, Blake realized his desire to be involved with an organization that was taking on the issue of sexual exploitation. Blake learned about the National Center on Sexual Exploitation through blog posts by Covenant Eyes, an internet accountability software company. When the opportunity to work in DC through Calvin University opened up, he knew that the National Center on Sexual Exploitation was where he wanted to intern.

Hannah McGuire, Public Policy Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationHannah McGuire, Public Policy Intern – “Having focused my undergraduate studies on issues that disproportionately affect women, I developed a strong desire to be an advocate for vulnerable people. While studying at BYU, I started as an intern at The Center for Women and Children in Crisis, the local women’s shelter. After a few months, I was hired on as a part-time case manager and was able to assist both women and men in their fight for healing and stability post-domestic violence. In group therapy sessions, I was able to witness the coming together of these individuals to empathize and support one another. I was continually impressed with the community resources available, but I also saw many of the injustices that the system creates. I have a lot of faith in the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s macro-level approach to ending sexual exploitation and find that my motivation in this work comes from knowing these so many exploited persons. It is time that the human race is educated on the effects that pornography, prostitution, rape, child abuse, objectification etc. have on real human beings. Our international and national community alike need to know what the data is saying and adjust accordingly. I am grateful to be an intern at the National Center and to add a few drops to this noble cause.”

Alvin Winford, National Center on Sexual Exploitation FellowAlvin Winford, National Center on Sexual Exploitation Fellow – Alvin has over 18 years of working on anti-exploitation in Africa. Reared by a single mother in Liberia, he faced the harsh reality of a patriarchy and harmful cultural practices which are detrimental to the wellbeing of women and children. It was at that point that he realized that he must challenge the power and control wheel so that women and children are protected against all forms of exploitation.  He believes that when children, women and men are protected against exploitation and perpetrators are accountable for their actions; sexual violence would be adequately addressed. And this niche of standing for the vulnerable connects him to the values of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Coming to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, he is of the view that he will learn so much that would enhance his work in educating duty bearers, care givers and right holders on the harms of pornography and sexual exploitation. Also, he comes at a time when the National Center is elevating its programs at international level which he would serve as one of the catalysts in preventing and responding to sexual exploitation across Africa. He is an ideal advocate, facilitator and mobilizer against exploitation. He did his undergraduate studies in Mass Communications at the University of Liberia in 2001, and graduate studies in educational administration and supervision at the University of Liberia Graduate Program in Education in 2019.

Alvin is a 2019/2020 Humphrey Fellow sponsored by the United States Department of State. The program brings to the United States the brightest across the world experienced professionals interested in strengthening their leadership skills through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about issues of common concern in the U.S. and Fellows’ home countries, He is presently undergoing studies in “Trafficking in Persons, Policy and Prevention” at the American University Washington College of Law. Alvin comes from Liberia and has worked for many years with the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect as an advocate.

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