September 16, 2011

MIM files legal brief in the most important indecency case to come before U.S. Supreme Court in 40 years

Fox vs. FCC is the most important case of television indecency to come before the U.S. Supreme Court in nearly 40 years. This case, soon to be argued, will decide the constitutionality of the TV indecency regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

Yesterday, our former President and current General Council, Robert Peters submitted a critical and superb legal brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in this case. He explains that Fox and other TV networks claim the indecency regulations are too “vague” to understand and they want the FCC to define “indecency” with “ultimate, god-like precision,” which is impossible.

Peters states, the problem is not that TV networks can no longer understand what indecency is. Rather, the problem is that networks long ago stopped caring about these standards. The networks are pushing the moral envelope, even broadcasting a show in which a woman is shown naked in front of a child during prime-time hours.

They are getting away with it and must be stopped!

If the FCC ceases to regulate indecency then sexual conduct will be shown during the all hours without legal violation, which is exactly what the television networks seem to want. You can find the complete legal brief here.

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