March 5, 2012

MIM Intern Perspective – Angela

I started my internship in Morality in Media a few months ago.  This opportunity has been a positive experience which has enabled me to learn more about the issues with pornography that is going on today.  I admit, there are days where I get a little emotional reading personal stories about those who are affected by loved ones who struggle with this addiction.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about my internship, is the people I work with  feel strongly as I do about the  destructive nature of pornography.  Our job is to do research, find articles, stories, cases that describe the effects of pornography on the person’s brain, relationships, and overall well-being.  There are some stories where we can’t help but feel strong emotions, and that motivates us even more to develop strategies to inspire others to reach out, and break the shame that surrounds this common truth.

Pornography is an uncomfortable topic simply because nobody wants to be judged and it is usually tied with shame and guilt.  Some people might agree or disagree that is harmful, and that is fine.  For me personally, I am grateful to have more knowledge about what pornography does to a person.

It is my hope that everyone, especially women, will learn about pornography effects, even just for the sake of it.  What you see influences your thoughts, and thoughts influence your emotions hence the reason pornography damages the person’s soul.  For me, the soul is the greatest part of ourselves and that is worth holding on to.


– Angela T.

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